Was It Really A “Dark Day In America”…?

When Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court to fill the seat of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I was reminded of a story I read,- about a similar ‘dark day’ mindset. The setting of that story was about 2000 years ago.

But first reflect with me on the caption above about “a dark day in America.” It was Chuck Schumer, one of America’s democrat leaders, who was extremely disturbed about the selection of a Christian/constitutionalist replacement for the recently departed Ginsberg. In the response to her selection and confirmation he stated; …this is “a dark day in America.” Barret’s faith was in one (Jesus) who came as “the light of the world.” It was said of Jesus that He was a light to them who sat in darkness.”

Go with me to that time and place. People were heavily oppressed by their government. The taxes were so heavy they could hardly function . Slavery strongly prevailed. Their children could be conscripted for debt payment. An encouraging term was used concerning the people of those days; “They that sat in darkness saw a great light.”

When that light came on the scene and began to offer hope through his words and His teachings, and His life giving miracles, that light was rejected by the governing officials. It was a threat to their corrupt and greedy establishment. There was a ‘swamp’ of corruption in His day too. The coming of this unstoppable voice of hope and freedom was to them,- a ‘threat’ to their life-style. Here is the statement that came to my mind when Mr Schumer made that statement. It is located in the bible; “…none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known, they would not have crucified (Jesus) the Lord of glory.” (1st Corinthians 2:8)

The term ‘princes of this world’ was referring to the political leaders of that time. They are the ones who had Jesus (that light) put out and killed. Little did they know that He would come out of His grave and rise up to heaven (in the sight of over 500 people) , and overpower them, and all the others who would come after them. Little did they know that He would crush their heads in total defeat, and render them completely and forever destroyed. They just didn’t know He was the ‘son of God’ and the prophesied “King of Kings and the ruler of the Universe.” If they had known what was coming, they never would have had him killed. To them, it was a- ‘dark day’ when he rose from the dead.

History seems to be repeating itself in our day. A threat has appeared on the landscape of the corruption and vice in our country. By no stretch is Amy Barrett or Donald Trump being held at the same level as our Lord and Saviour Jesus. I am only speaking of the climate of the political world and its comparison to Jesus’ day.

Not too many would fault Amy Barrett, outside of her faith in Jesus. Many would fault President Donald Trump because of some of his crude words and phrases. But there is not room to list all he has accomplished for America and the far east in this article. He is being fought and opposed as no other candidate that I have seen in my lifetime. He clearly is a threat to the vice and corruption that is in Washington DC, and in some of the states around our nation. Many things he has said/done has raised the anger and hatred of so many ‘swamp’ politicians. Donald Trump has stood strong for God and ‘people of faith’. No president before him has moved our Embassy in Israel,- to Jerusalem. There have been 4 recommendations for this president, to receive the Nobel Peace Prize because of his efforts and accomplishments for peace in the far east.

This is my book titled THE CROWN OF THORNS in the Urdu language, printed and distributed to pastors in Pakistan. It covers the healing and redemption of the mind.

I believe my point is clear concerning the ‘Dark Day’. To a person of bible knowledge, the appointment and confirmation of Amy Barrett was a very ‘bright day’ and not a dark day. If Donald Trump is re-elected for four more years as America’s president, it will be another ‘dark day’ for those who are not in favor of having God and Christianity in this nation. Mr. Biden predicted a “dark winter” for America in 2021′.This may be true if they gain power. It will indeed be a ‘dark day’ for the God rejecters. But;- “The way of the righteous grows brighter every day.” Friends of God are ‘winners, never losers‘!

The opposition has clearly stated their anti-God position, by vote,- two times, to be sure the vote was correct. This was done in their 2012 convention. I watched it happen. Most people are aware of that by now.

Is it any wonder that socialism and communism would naturally follow?


I can’t vote with or for something that is against God, and maintain His favor. The favor of God is my # 1 asset in this world. I fear God,- not the devil!

Maintain ‘faith and trust’ in God Almighty. We will see a ‘bright day’ just ahead.


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Your friend for victorious living,

Gerald Davis

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