This page is an opportunity to glorify the Lord, and be a blessing to others, by sharing your testimony. Please send encouraging emails so we can include them, or excerpts from them here. If your testimony is connected with our ministry as a result of something you have learned, it will be an encouragement to us and others.

I wanted to let you know that what you have been teaching the Body of Christ has been a major key to churches and individual believers in getting debt free and moving into the blessing zone. When you came to our church a few years ago, you shared about when the Lord told you, “If My people will get My churches debt free, I will get my people debt free…” As you spoke, many at our church in Fenton, Michigan heard the clarion call, that it was time to act, not just sit and hope. So from that memorial weekend we put our plan together and within 6 months we were a debt free ministry, paying off our mortgage and other bills. The mortgage payoff was just over $95,000.00. By learning the principles of finance and building a storehouse we have been able to stay debt free now for over 7 years. Every time we think about the wonderful blessings of God that are coming on the people here at Faith City Church, we realize that your obedience to speak the truth on debt free living was a major catalyst that got us started. In these turbulent times we realize that the real stimulus package comes from our mighty God. Thanks for all that you do to help churches experience financial breakthrough. Your friend and brother,

– Dr Karl Barancik
Lead Pastor
Faith City

Your book, “HOW TO FUNCTION IN THIS ECONOMY ACCORDING TO HEAVEN’S ECONOMY” has had a major impact on my life. It was different from the many prosperity books I have read…

The book reveals the three areas of human need – spiritual, physical and material, which are the areas of heaven’s supply or provision for our needs. I learned powerful principles that hinder receiving my harvest even after giving, like the difference between a vow and faith giving; and how riches come from God given ideas. For several years after I quit employment and went into business, I went through tough times, extended periods of wilderness with constant threats of bankruptcy. I consistently questioned where God was when I needed him most, but from reading the book I realized that it was the good fight of faith that I had to eventually win.

It is only when we learn and become involved in taking care of God’s business that our motives please God and he begins to entrust us with the millions.

– Edgar B. Otieno.

“Just a quick note to let you know what has gone on since your visit. I have not seen a full month report yet, but it appears from my weekly reports that our tithe and offerings have increased by $1,000 per week. A visiting pastor commented that ‘It was the most balanced teaching on prosperity and finances that he has ever heard.’ Thank you from Melanie and myself for your help in our ministry.”

– Kevin Griffin

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I appreciate your ministry. I was always blessed when I watched you on television. Incidentally, since reading your book, “How to Function in this Economy According to Heaven’s Econcomy”, and applying the principles I have gone from $1200 monthly to around $30,000 monthly income. I confess every day that I am a liberal soul and God has made me rich.”

– Ruth Steiber

Your book, How to Function in this “Economy According to Heaven’s Economy” has changed my life and way of thinking about tithing. It is an awesome book, scripturally grounded with common sense principles. I have decided to re-read, outline and apply it to my life in every way. Thank you for such a phenomenal life changing experience.

– Gloria J. Gladden

The ministry of Gerald Davis has been a life saver for my wife and I and a tremendous blessing to Christian Temple Church. When I met Rev. Davis I had $750,000.00 of personal debt and our church had more than $1,000,000.00 of debt load. The life changing truth of the Word of God as revealed through Rev. Davis was “Debt is not a sin, it is a curse!” My whole life I had been told, “Keep your credit clean because it is your best friend.” I had succeeded in that respect and could actually borrow more than I could pay back! Once the truth of the Scripture was clear in my mind, I began a debt reduction plan in my church and in my own personal life. I am now debt free except my house and our church only owes about $400,000.00! Thank you Bro. Davis and thank you Lord! In HIS Service,

– Pastors, Don & Susan Nordin
CT Church
Houston, TX

Wanted to let you know how good God Is!!! You came to our church a couple years ago and gave us a message on being debt free. You even had us start a debt free box. People have been faithful to sow towards being debt free in that box you had us start. We were making progress little by little. God had Pastor Mike along with the staff praying earnestly and faithfully for about 1 1/2 years for the pay off of our Youth Facility. On Wednesday January 21st a family who doesn’t even go this church paid off our loan for the Youth Facility totaling $211,158.24. That’s almost a quarter of a million dollars, and I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money in this small town! We are now officially debt free!!! We will Feast during Famine! Over 2000 young people come through the Youth Facility each year with hundreds of them giving their lives to the Lord. We are changing the next generation and now will be able to do more! Thank you for the message on being debt free that you spoke to us years ago, the Word Works and Never Returns Void!!! Your Sister in Christ,

– Dawn Zahradnik,
CILC Children’s Pastor & Secretary
and Pastor Mike Atkins
Wharton, Texas

“Dear Pastor Davis, Even though I’ve been a christian all my life, I never knew what a storehouse was until listening to your program a couple of weeks ago. I’ve only seen your program a few times but I’ve watched it every week since the first time I saw it. I am very excited about your 100 Club. Nothing could please me more than to become debt-free and help your ministry at the same time. Each time I watch your program, it stirs my soul and excites my spirit. Thank you for your teaching and kindness, but above all, thank you for helping me to grow.”

– N. Epkins

“We’ve never prospered. Rent checks would bounce. We barely made ends meet. Then we heard the message God gave you. We have not missed a tithe or offering check in 5 years. Our first month of obediance in tithing, we saw our finances turn around. Within 2 years we bought our first new 4-bedroom home. My work prospered. I now teach classes to therapists throughout Texas and beyond. The Lord has shown me how to retaliate when the enemy attacks our finances. When my car has to be repaired I pay tithe on the amount it cost to get fixed. When our finances are attacked, I pay tithe in most every case. GOD is so GREAT! He has me training others in spiritual self-defense. It all starts with tithing.”

– Mike Critz

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