July 28, 2020

All credits go to my wife- ‘THELMA the beautiful’

 A special word of counsel to our friends and ministry partners- 

Thelma and I are at the age of 84 now, as of July 25th. We have been married for 66 wonderful years. We have two sons, 8 grandchildren and 14 great grands. They all honor and serve the Lord Jesus. We have been in the service (ministry) of our Lord for 65 years together.- yes ITS A MIRACLE.


I want to pass along some words of guidance and counsel to my younger friends.

Life will never be free of trouble in some form. ‘We have to run Satan off,’- he never volunteers to leave.

But, – I have some priorities to share with you that can prevent a lot of entanglements and unnecessary heartache in your future. This would be good to save and pass along to your friends…

Here is the list of 5 priorities for a happy marriage and for successful living- 


Always keep God first. Your personal relationship with God in ‘Bible time and prayer’ cannot be over emphasized. We can’t build a confident prayer life without knowing how God thinks.


He/she should never, ever doubt your allegiance to them. Some words in Proverbs 31 say it best. “His heart can safely trust in her to do him good and not evil all the days of his life.  To the man; – only you can make her know that she is the most important person in your life. It requires thoughtfulness, effort and self-initiative. If you only respond to her when she is reaching out, – it won’t be enough! We should shun ‘even the appearance’ of an interest in another person of the opposite gender. 


Your own body. This applies both to the man and to the lady. If you thought the children would be third on the list, you would be wrong. If you don’t take good care of yourself, you can’t properly take care of the children, – or your companion.


            Children are “the heritage of the Lord”. They are either a compliment or a negative reflection when they become grown. If you have properly loved and cared for your children, including discipline when they are coming up, they will be the best asset you can ever grow and develop. It is your children who will care for you when you can’t properly care for yourself. You want them to do it of their own volition and desire, – not only from a sense of obligation. Proper discipline with thoughtfulness and love will create in them a sense of security. 


NOTE: If you are a minister, ‘that is your business’. It doesn’t come first ahead of your family. I understand “the call” as we refer to it, to doing the work of the ministry. It is a driving force that never leaves or slacks off

 An experience I had; – In 1965, while I was at my office as pastor of a church in Houston, Texas, I got a phone call from my wife.  She asked if she could ‘make an appointment’ to have some time with me. It put my entire perspective in shock. I knew I had to get a new grip on how I was viewing my calling (work). If my wife was not happy with how things were…?  

Note: God is never more interested in ‘other people, or in fame or money’, than he is ‘our families’. I have known numbers of professional people who “shipwrecked” because they didn’t get these priorities straight. They had a great ministry, but their priorities were out of order. We all know it is true; “ If momma ain’t happy…!

I know there are always exceptions to every rule. But ‘if both persons in the marriage love God and put Him first’, this list of priorities will be the general rule to follow for a long and successful life and marriage.  *I hope this will be helpful and meaningful to you. SELAH! *


Thelma and I can’t travel now and keep up with a rigorous preaching schedule. Our old bodies can’t manage that pace anymore. I can continue doing ministry through blogs, email <gerald@geralddavis.org> and facebook, plus ministry through mailouts and distribution.  (See list of 9 books)  We give away a lot of books to overseas destinations, – and at home.<www.geralddavisministries.org>  

I’m still able to help ministers and friends via telephone visits <713 805 2289> and special counsel and prayer. I have been praying each Sunday morning at 7:00 on BPN radio, an International radio station owned and operated by Dale Gentry Ministries out of Austin, Texas… that reaches over a hundred countries. Now in it’s fifth year of ministry.

                                        “THE MIND OF CHRIST”

Praise God Almighty, I still have the mind of Christ! Whatever is born of ‘my mind only’ will ‘only reach your mind.’ But if it is born of ‘His mind’ (spirit), – it will reach ‘your heart’. And-

 “Out of the heart are the issues of life.”

                              PRAYER EFFORTS FOR AMERICA

Be encouraged! – I am aware of many concentrated prayer efforts across this nation, doing 11 Chron. 7:14. We are not going to lose this Christian nation that God helped our fore- fathers to establish. God would not abandon America any sooner than He would abandon Israel. Because we have embraced both the Judeo and the Christian values. And America stands firmly in support of Israel. Can you ‘raise a Hallelujah’ in agreement! IN GOD WE TRUST!


These words from Paul in 11 Timothy 1: 16-18 express my feelings toward my partners today;

“This you know…the Lord grant mercy to the house of Onesiphorus, for he often refreshed me…he sought me out and found me. The Lord grant him…mercy…you know how many ways  he ministered to me…”. 

Mercy and blessings search out those who attach themselves to ministries of their choice, and who bless them in an on-going manner. No ministry can function without their friends.

            And one more statement made by Paul,- for thinkers; (1 Cor.3: 8-9)

“The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor. For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field…” I firmly decree that God is planting in your field! The eyes of our Lord will not overlook your deeds of service and love toward Gerald Davis Ministries during this period of our life. HE WILL NOT overlook it!

Please stand in agreement with us that God would “send forth more laborers in the field” with us, – and help us finish strong!   NOTE: FREE BOOKS FOR MY PARTNERS WHO REQUEST THEM…see the <website www.geralddavisministries.org>

Thank you again, dear friend and partner,

            Gerald Davis

Your donations will recieve a tax deductible receipt. We pray daily for our partners during this pandemic attack on our nation. We freely give..


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