Many people have heard me teach as I traveled from church to church for a period of about 35 years, on the insights that God gave me for ‘successful living’ “now in this time.” And the borrow-free, debt-free lifestyle that God dreamed for His people in Deuteronomy chapter 15. Many of you purchased our materials and have “believed the good report”.


We humans are like a salmon fish, swimming upstream against the current, and climbing  waterfalls to get to our destination.  At times we are like those fish,

-they can’t get out and walk around those falls, – they don’t have feet.

-they can’t fly over those falls, – they don’t have wings.

So we do like they do. … facing the challenge, we do what seems impossible. We utilize what God has given us, (the faith of Jesus Christ) and we face the obstacles and hindrances, and kick it in gear. God has given us what it takes to get to the top… – and then are the spawning grounds where they (we) see the multiplication and increase.

REMEMBER : If we let the devil do our arithmetic, he uses subtraction and division. He keeps telling us; “You can’t do it.” But If we let God do our arithmetic, he uses ‘addition and multiplication. He keeps telling us; “You can do it. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”SELAH! God’s promise is; “You shall lend and not borrow.” (Deuteronomy 15) Think the right thoughts, and move on up to higher ground. God has “plunged us to victory.”

This book shown below is now printed in Urdu language in Pakistan. Here is a recent letter from a pastor who read this book;

“...after coming home from my morning walk, I and Jamila my wife, got sick. She had pain in her bones. I felt stress in my legs. Yesterday I used your book teachings and applied the blood of Jesus and we received healing and change in our home atmosphere miraculously. Your book is great to attain immediate healing and deliverance.” (Anil Jasper)

When thinking changes, faith comes!


Below are some people who have received our free books, CD’s etcetera in Nigeria…

JIWO WUJI Benin, Nigeria, wrote; “Thank you for what you sent regards to my request. I’m so grateful for that, – it’s beyond words. YOU are a blessing in our lives. Your materials have proven helpful to me. Keep up your great work.”

PRISCILLA EFUJE wrote from Benin City, Nigeria; “…valuable tools in our hands. I received the materials meant for me, which you sent. I am saying a little prayer that God will smile on you, and send you all the blessings you deserve from God’s Angels…”

EFE SABBI from Benin City, Nigeria; “I’m so glad for the information sent for me…I have printed out and shared with others….who are also interested…are delighted for this useful information too. I have learned some truth and understanding… I did visit your website…and will direct some of my friends to see it’s contents…” I would like to receive a book, …some friends said this a good book. Also, CD’s would be useful…Thank you! EFE

There is no greater blessing in this life than to know we have been an ‘extension of God’s hands’ to those who cannot afford to pay. “Freely we have received, freely we give.” We probably won’t reach everybody, but we can reach somebody, and they do pass it on, as mentioned in one of those letters.

Satan is a loser from the beginning. We NEVER LOSE because we DON’T QUIT!We can climb that mountain!!

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Good things happen for us – when we help others!


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“…people from all languages will take firm hold…of his robe and say;  ‘Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.’”  (Zech.8:23)

When the old prophet Zechariah made that statement to some covenant people, it really gave me pause, and opened up a whole new level of meditation for me. 

QUESTION: What would make someone grab on to the shirt-tail of a person not of their own language, or ethnicity, and want to have what they have, and want to have their God.  It’s because they saw their success and connected it with their God.

QUESTION: – Is that really God’s dream for His people?

God knows human nature. That’s why He loves to bless His people. Success draws attention! What we are, and what we do speaks so much more effectively than any words we say. The man Paul, writer of most of the New Testament letters, when teaching people about  why Christ died, and what we have because of it; made this invitation to his followers:Follow me as I follow Christ.”

 Grab my shirt tail…! Paul was convinced that his success as a believer was tightly connected to his success in gaining followers. We people listen, – and then we watch! We’ve seen the results of the apostle Paul’s life and influence. When success is attached to godliness, – we see the greatest following. People want to be successful, loved and blessed.


While we watch the current of major opposition that President Trump has and is functioning under, we continue to watch his influence increase. Not only here in America, but around the world.

QUESTION: Is it his words that has brought this about? – I think not!  In fact, some of his words have made a lot of people angry. His record of success is what speaks for him the loudest?

I hope my point is clear to my reader by now. If we have what God Almighty wants us to have, and if we become what He wants us to be, we will never have trouble being an influence to people who are watching us, and then we can lead them to a better life. If you are like me, you like to read after people who have “been there and done that.” We never have to praise our own accomplishments. Just be! – and others will want what we have.


There are two things that will define us.

1. Our ‘patience’ when we are trying to climb up from the bottom;

2. Our ‘attitude‘ when we have reached to top!

If you have reached the top, there is no better way to spend the rest of your life than trying to help someone else get there too!


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