*We win – if we won’t quit!*

t39      ... you rule in the midst of your enemies…” Ps.110:2

At one point I was ready to stop the world and get off, when that voice within said; “I won’t quit, – if you won’t.”

The story is told of a general in World War 11 who told his paratroopers to meet him at a determined location behind enemy lines. After jumping and meeting at that spot, the general enquired of those who came from the North, South, West and East. Each responded with the same answer, “Sir, we are totally surrounded by the enemy on every side.” To which the general replied, “OK, don’t let one of them get away.

To a believer, tough times are just opportunities for miracles! But we must expect them!

We are never without proper equipment to win. Yes, there are things that are unscriptural for us, as christians to do.


I can’t take vengeance on my enemies, – but it’s not illegal for God God can, and He said He would!

I can’t take money for myself from someone by force, – but it’s not illegal for God... God can, and said He would,.. and added that He would put it into the hands of the believer!

I can’t determine the day of my departure, – but God can,- and does!

I can’t lie, –  but God said He would “… send strong delusion that they (your ungodly enemy) should believe a lie and be damned.” (11 Thes. 2:10-13)  The devil will lose, – we will win,- every time!

God never runs out of options to find a way to cause me to win. God can and will do things that would be unscriptural for us to do.

We have angels that are commisioned by God Almighty to watch over us. Sometime they take on a bodily form and other times they just function in supernatural and unseen ways. Some time we are aware of it, –  but most of the time we are not. The teen age giant killer of Israel named David noted…  “The lines have fallen unto me in pleasant places.”  Things just worked out!

Hold firm to what you do know, then trust God who can do anything but fail!

*He never quits – if we won’t! * Believe and obey the word of the one who created knowledge. Never resent what God says!  Be sure to keep praising the lord!

“Blessed be the Lord who has not given us a prey to their (the enemies) teeth..” (Ps 123:6)  Selah! GD


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