The November Vote…


There is a story about an army from the historical book of Ezekiel that I ponder when considering this coming November vote in our nation. This army had been severely depleted until it was referred to as a valley of “dry bones.” A man of God was sent to give them instructions on how to recover and how to win. When he first arrived there, it looked hopeless. God’s promise to him concerning that armies recovery left him dumbfounded and speechless.

My question to my reader is; Do you think we will recover from the spiritual decline that we have seen in our nation?

The above referenced army rose up to be an “exceeding great army.” That army would have had weapons of warfare according that day of weaponry. Weapons like swords and shields etcetera.

There is an army in our nation to day. I speak of an army of bible believing , God fearing people. Our weapons, as God fearing believers, are not physical or natural. The weapons we have today are the ballot box, prayer and boldness to speak when occasion serves us.

Stare the enemy down. We are not ashamed of this gospel, or of Jesus Christ our Lord.  May God resurrect the fearful and the worried out of the “dry bones” syndrome. We will use the tools of warfare available to us, – and God will give the victory. There is so much at stake for our nation.

I issue the call to God’s people to rise up, and run to the fight in November with faith and courage. The captain of our mighty army goes before us crying; “Be of good cheer for I have overcome…”

Let us stand and believe that the threatening cries of our defeat from the clearly defined enemies of God,  who have openly disallowed God from their platform, will be thoroughly disappointed.  SELAH!


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