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                            The BIG Question:


The story is told of an old Indian as he instructed his grandson on life and his future.

 “Son, there are two wolves living in side all of us. One is a bad wolf. The other is a good wolf. The bad wolf is committed to killing, and eating everything good within us. The good wolf is always fighting with the bad wolf. He is trying to stop him from doing his dirty work. Which wolf wins, queried the grandson? Ah!, replied his grandfather. It is the one that we feed.”

This won’t come as a revelation to any of us, but it is a reminder of a fact. Our government run school system has reached a level to ‘sounding the fire alarm.’ This is not a drill, IT IS THE REAL THING! The destruction of our next generation is at a gasping ‘OMG!’ level.

I don’t need to explain to you what you already know. The degradation level and debauchery of sexuality and transgender garbage that is now being taught, even down into the first grade level is downright nauseating. God help us, – and help us to help ourselves!

                                      THE FIX

I am pulling the lever on the fire alarm! We must determine to put our children in a safe environment of proper nutrition,  – SPIRITUAL FOOD. The bible is the only ‘safe space’ for us to run too. We need only to determine where our values are to know what we must do. While Christian schools are still legal in this nation, we are going to support that way of learning with every effort, and with every breath we take. Our ministry is shifting some money to that purpose.

                            MINISTRY EVALUATION

Our partners have been very supportive in sending our books to overseas destinations. Over the past several years we have sent several thousand books to overseas destinations, and paid the postage to help gather souls and teach them the ways of God. Now the shifting…

 President Donald Trump has been emphasizing the need to put “America first.” He has been sounding the ‘fire alarm.’ Other religions are gaining foot hold in our Christian nation at an alarming speed. That door was opened wide by our former president.

{A major Muslim leader makes this recent message to all Americans:  “In two years America will be land of Muslims and all Christians will be our slaves.”} The direction that England has gone shows this trend.

While this strikes NO fear to our hearts, it just shows what their purpose and goal is, – plus, plus!

                Embassy Christian Academy

This Christian school is located on Interstate 59, a main artery in Kingwood/Porter, Texas. It is now in its 5th year. It is owned and operated by our twin granddaughters Tiffany and Andrea, now in their early 40’s. They presently have about 32 students. They are passing on to their students the lessons we have taught, and been assured of, over the last four generations of spirit filled preachers. One child can change our future; i.e; Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and so on.

                          A VAN TYPE AUTOMOBILE

If you know of a van or large SUV type vehicle that could be donated to this school, please contact me. I am also asking our partners to consider this school as an extension of your own heart toward promoting the gospel message to and through our youth. When we do this (I can’t say if) when we do this, we will have shared in the ministry of “bringing the children to Jesus.” I’m doing what I can in writing this letter, and I’m believing that our partners will do the same. If not us, – WHO? 

I see miracles coming, both for you and also for AMERICA and for this God anointed school.

Your assistance can be easily done through Pay Pal.

If we get a van donated (quality condition please) that will be super. If not, I will be seeking to purchase one from our partners donations.

Yes! I AM PULLING THE LEVER ON THE FIRE ALARM…I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I pray that you view it as seriously as we do.

Thank you for your loyal service to our Lord over so many years.

Your partner for increase,

Gerald Davis

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