Only This Christmas……


Gerald and Thelma Davis,

We have so much to be thankful for in America this year.

Regardless of the evil efforts to demolish our American values and principles and take us away from our fundamental roots, – we have seen a miracle!

Over this last year, our newly elected president has restored many of our cherished beliefs and solidly grounded positions that we have lived by and been assured of, from the foundation of this great nation. You know, like – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  Every time I meditate on it, I find myself taking another deep sigh of relief. How about you?

SPECIAL OFFER: I felt a nudge to offer all our products  listed on our website at a deeply reduced price to all our friends and partners. Our site has been upgraded and made easier and more user friendly. Please take a look and see the changes.

There are nine books and a good selection of CD’s and DVD’s that pretty much cover the insights I have shared in churches over the last thirty years. These are God-given revelations and enlightenments, several of them were learned during my sleep. God’s dream is that we be “heads and not tails, lenders and not borrowers.” (Deuteronomy 15). Based on these new levels of understanding , we (personal nor ministry) have not had to borrow money or buy anything on time for the last thirty years. These new insights have delivered fourteen churches (last count) and many other individuals, from the debt and borrowing lifestyle. After sharing about 12 of these new truths (messages) at the world renowned  Lakewood Church in Houston,Texas, pastor John Osteen declared these insights as the “best I have ever heard on Godly, scriptural financial principles.”


If you make a selection from the website in December and January of 2017, your cost will be half the listed price.

Note: The PayPal system will not provide for this discount. You can list the items and return that list to me via email  – <>. Just show the total in your order at half the listed price and include your credit card information. I assure you it will be protected. We will see to it that you get them immediately. A moderate charge will be added to cover S/H. Any defective CD’s DVD’s may be returned for refund if not satisfactory.

Option: You can just mail a check to me after you receive the order. US mail at Gerald Davis – 9955 Tulip St. – Conroe, Texas 77385.

Our best thoughts and prayers go to each of you at this wonderful Christmas Season…

HE LIVES! …by His spirit within our hearts!

Gerald Davis

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