A bible believer is often like a salmon fish, swimming upstream against the current. There are times when we face water falls in our effort to reach our dream or destination.

My reader may be facing a water fall right now. It could be a family situation, or a financial issue. Or it could be a health problem, or a breach in a marriage. Whatever it is, there is a God who knows about it. He is watching and He is cheering us on. When a bible believer is born again,  – he/she is born to WIN. We are given the ability through Jesus Christ to rise above the obstacles.  We are no longer as one who has no spiritual help or hope.

Think with me about that salmon fish. No other fish can do what he does.  That fish can’t get out and walk around that water fall, – they don’t have feet. They can’t fly over those falls, – they don’t have wings. They have to rely on the abilities that are given to them. They utilize the power that  God gave them, and facing the challenge they do what seems impossible. And indeed it would be impossible for any other fish.

A bible believer will draw on the words of God, and  put into motion what God has given him, and move toward the water fall with faith in his God -given and supernatural strength, the faith of Jesus Christ.  We just ‘kick it in gear’ and do it. If you are a believer, you have what it takes to get over the falls (obstacles). –  The spawning grounds are just ahead where you will see the multiplication and increase.

REMEMBER : If we let the devil do our arithmetic, he uses subtraction and division. If we let God do our arithmetic he uses ‘addition and multiplication. SELAH! Never let the enemy (devil) do your thinking for you.

ILLUSTRATION: The following is a letter received from a pastor in Wisconsin; –    “…received two messages (teaching tapes)  from Gerald Davis…after listening to them several times they made up their minds they were going believe God for debt-free living…go cash and believe God for supernatural help. He received a letter from the attorney generals office of Wisconsin. The mortgage company who carried the note on their home had been caught in some illegal activities. He called an attorney who looked at the letter, and said; ‘Do not send them any more payments. Put the payments in a special account at the bank.’ The attorney told him he would get their home cleared of all debt based on this information.” While that is a very dramatic and unusual story, it illustrates the magnitude of what can happen when we draw on the words of Almighty God.

God has many ways of helping us get over the obstacles!

SPECIAL NOTE: The attacks on believers in this nation and around the world serve only to make the church and believers grow. Satan is a loser from the beginning. We NEVER LOSE because we DON’T QUIT!

Good things happen for us – when we help others!


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