DAVID, OF BIBLE FAME posed this following question;

“Why do the heathen ( people who disagree with God) rage, and the people imagine a vain (non productive ) thing?” (Ps. 2)

Before you read further,  * Please read each verse in this short chapter in the bible,- Psalms 2.


If you have stayed abreast of the recent news, you have seen the all-out effort of the God-rejecting, christian hating methods of the so-called “left/liberal” minded people, –  to demolish the soul of America. Verses 4 and 5 are especially noteworthy. It declares the attitude and intention of God, toward what God calls “wickedness.”  The last verse in that chapter is a warning about that mindset. “Kiss (embrace) the SON (prophetic insight of  Jesus) lest he be angry, and you perish…when His (God’s) wrath is kindled… ”  Clearly, God Almighty has a “boiling point.” Ironically, he draws His energy to take action,  – when His people pray. When we work with God. – He works with us to the believers advantage.. We fully expect to see the “gallows builders,” (wicked plotting Haman’s) hang on their own gallows. “He that digs a pit will fall in it.” “He that rolls a stone, it will be rolled upon him.” (Solomon)  They will not succeed in their efforts to destroy Christian America – because we pray to an active and living God!

Let them worship or not worship, whatever/whoever they choose. But no one should have the liberty to come to this God established and God blessed, Jesus honoring nation, that was established on Judaeo/Christian values, and actively seek to destroy our foundation and change it to another system.  SELAH!


****************************************************************                                                                 OUR DEBT-FREE LIVING TEACHINGS

I have been teaching the insights that God gave me, concerning His mandate to me in 1995. God said this to me after much in-depth searching and inquiry; “Because you know you don’t know, you are open to learn. If you pay attention I am going to teach you.” It was almost like reading a different bible following that statement from God. I saw things that I had just been overlooking. I began to see His hand in action toward us. Within 12 years we were out of debt. We haven’t had to borrow money for the last 31 years.

Just last week I received word from a pastor in Montgomery County, Texas, who had just paid off his church and Ministry debt, as of 2:00 Thursday, September 27th. I lost count at 16 pastors that have paid off their church debt early because of a plan that God gave me to help them. PTL!  The plan works from the middle to both ends, both for individuals and corporate debt. And both to the doner, and to the receiver.


There are now about a dozen full-length teachings available on our Podcasting. You can hear and see these for no charge and at your leisure, if you go to our website.  www.geralddavisministries.org. God wants his people to be free to live the ‘Abundant Life,’ “now in this time,” that Jesus purchased at Calvary, and established for us. We (bible believers) are given the position and promise, to live ‘above and not beneath’, “first and not last”, the “head and not the tail,” the “lender and not the borrower.” It is NOT God’s plan for us to want what other people have, it is God’s plan that others should want what we have.  Keep this in mind –  ‘ The obstacles of life are not there to hinder you, but to make it possible for you to reach higher ground.’ A Salmon fish could never make it to higher ground if it were not for the ‘OH NO!’ waterfalls. We too, must swim against the current. We can’t obtain God’s dream by following the systems of the world that do not agree with His instructions/scriptures.  I know God will help you as you listen to these God enlightened teachings!!  NO CHARGE!! They are FREE to all comers.

The people in other countries who have computers available, also have the website ministry available to them. It is so rewarding to keep reaching out through the cyber-world and feed the good news of the gospel around the world, – at no charge!


Because of the many recent ‘left wing influences’ in the curriculum of many of our public schools, i.e; – LGBTQ and other anti-christian views (called sin’ by God) I can’t think of anything that would take priority over funding our private, bible based schools.

 Our ministry is now standing ‘wall to wall’ with Embassy Christian Academy in Kingwood, Texas. This school is owned and operated by our twin grand-daughters, Tiffany and Andrea. They are teaching the principles that we have taught and lived over the last four generations of preachers and bible teachers. They both graduated (at the top of their class) with their degrees in teaching. This school provides K thru 12 – with College Prep Dual Credit High School. The website is <www.Embassy Academy. Org) –  Phone # (281) 354- 7200. This school is in need of a van type vehicle. If any of our readers know of a possible donation of such a car, please call me at my personal cell # –  (713) 805 2289. I am actively working to purchase one through our partners donations. They are expecting another fifteen plus enrollees for this next year.

Please include this school in your prayers. The paypal button is available for any help you can offer. All contributions will be tax deductible through our organization, or through the school.  

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you are on face-book, – I do postings of  ‘thoughts to encourage’, to help channel your lives in a positive direction.

You can write to me via email – Gerald@geralddavis.org. I will answer you with my prayerful thoughts concerning your issues. No charge for that!

Thank you again for loving us, and for being our partner if possible,

Gerald Davis



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