Note to Pastors

Dear Pastor,
I hope you will read some of the testimonies we have received.
Although one of my greatest loves is reaching the lost through open air and auditorium crusades, God’s primary focus for us now is helping God’s people learn the principles for getting from “now until dying time walking in success.”
I still bubble with excitement every time I have occasion to share this revelation message with God’s people.
It is in God’s heart to see His ministries and churches free from the bondage of the debt lifestyle.  The greatest need of ministries today is to have enough money to fulfill the vision God gave them.
We have been taught to be tails (borrowers), but we haven’t been taught to be heads (lenders). We have been well trained to operate our lives and ministries from beneath (borrowers), instead of above (lenders). As we think — so we do and are.
My God-given messages are directed toward turning ministries and God’s people away from being servants to the lenders,- to being the lenders.  For the first time in 2000 years, God is about to bring His body into His plan that WE be the lenders and not HAVE borrow.  God has brought me into this lifestyle.  Now my commission is to help other ministries until they are also living this life.
Because God has set me free from debt and prospered me, I can speak with authority as I share this message.  Having pastored nearly 20 years, I am also sensitive to the need to minister to people without condemning them.
The message God has given me is setting people free all over the world. I welcome your inquiries.
Your concerned fellow minister,
Gerald Davis
“Gerald’s ministry on faith and finances would be a blessing to any church… One of my favorite preachers.. A pastor at large…”
—Pastor John Osteen
“…messages are full of rich truths and personal experiences. The best message I have heard on this subject.”
—Oral Roberts
“The best message I ever heard on joy… Preaching that anyone can relate to… A positive preacher…”
—Evelyn Roberts