Ministry Update!

    Welcome to my new blog!

It’s a new day at Overflowing Cup Ministries. This blog will be a way I can quickly post the latest revelations that the Lord drops into my spirit. This is also where you can find the latest happenings, personal musings, ministry updates and bookstore products, – (CDs, DVDs and books on scriptural principles.)

God has no problem keeping His promises, – if I can keep the principles!

I welcome you to share your feedback to any post you desire. But don’t forget…you can always send me an email for more personal contact-

Increased knowlege is the key to increased success! What we don’t know IS what hurts us.

Your ministry for an ever increasing lifestyle,

Gerald Davis DD


You can go to our website for more ministry products. There are CD’s, DVD’s and nine books to choose from. After 62 years of ministry, God has taught me some fascinating things about many things. This includes How to Function In This Economy According to Heavens Economy. We haven’t had to borrow money for the last 31 years. This information is available to you from these listed materials. Website address is;> Our email address is;

You can be a partner in sending our materials overseas to Africa, India and Pakistan. We send approximately 40 books/CD’s or DVD’s to overseas destinations per month. These are sent at no charge and we pay the postage.

If you believe in what we are doing in ministry and want to share in our heavenly rewards, you can use the paypal system above. Thank you for believing in the seed sowing and harvest plan that God has made so plain to us in His word. * GD

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