About 43 years ago I wrote an article for the Odessa, Texas newspaper. The following is a revised version of that article…

GOD said something in Is. 58: 19 that may change your life. “I create the fruit (results) of the lips.” The laws that God set in motion causes what I speak, to set in motion the things concerning my future. When God created the universe, He spoke it into existence. Nothing happened until He spoke it. If you didn’t understand this before, maybe you will see the importance of it now. If I use negative words like; “Why can’t I ever get a break.? “Nothing good ever happens for me.” “I’m just a born loser.” “I was born poor and I will always be poor.” “I’m just unlucky.” “I’ll never amount to anything.” I the words of a popular song from the past ; “Born to lose, and now I’m losing you.” HOLD IT: If I think that way, I will talk like that. If I talk like that I am setting in motion the laws of nature that create that for my future.

MEDITATE THIS: If I always think like I have always thought, I will always be like I have always been, and I will always do what I have always done, – then I will always have what I have always had.

Listen to yourself talk sometime…

EXAMPLE: A husband comes home after work. He is tired from the day. He says to his wife; “Why is this house so dirty? What have you done all day, just lay around and watch TV? You look like something the cat drug up. I would have done better if I had married your little sister.” He has just created a very unpleasant and unhappy atmosphere for the rest of his day. If He said something like, “Hello beautiful!, you are the sweetest little doll God ever created. I am the luckiest man in the world.” He has just created a very good and tranquil setting for the evening. “I create the fruit of the lips.” With my words I can create ‘hell and havoc’, or I can create an enjoyable and successful future. Words are seeds that can bring in either a good or a bad crop. If I sprinkle more bad seeds than good, then the ‘bad crop’ will overtake the ‘good crop’. Satan can cause enough bad in my life without me giving him some help. David the giant killer apparently understood this when he cried out to God and said, ” Set a watch Oh God, at the doors of my mouth…” If words can get you into trouble, then words can get you out of trouble. It isn’t ‘good luck’ or ‘bad luck’, it is a law of nature that God himself used to create, and it was then set in motion for us to utilize. Find the promises of God in the scripture that fit your situation. Then speak those words, over and over again. That will get you out of a troubled and unhappy life. Do it! It can’t cost you anything, – except a losers attitude!

In the words of Abraham Lincoln; “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

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