Law v grace?

The question about keeping The Ten Commandments seems to be an ongoing debate. This is usually in reference to the differing views on the new law of “Love and Grace.” There is a considered leniency that we now have in that new and wonderful law that Jesus coming brought. QUESTION: Are we now allowed, under the “law of grace,” to choose at our discretion what is sin and what is not sin? QUESTION: Why so much debate about sexual sins?

QUESTION: If we love everybody, and just want everybody to be happy, shouldn’t we leave everybody alone and let them do whatever they want to do. As long as they are not stealing other peoples goods, or murdering people, shouldn’t they go to heaven when they die?

QUESTION: Doesn’t God love everybody, whether they are Christians or Muslims or Hindu or Buddhist, or any other unknown religion? After all, didn’t Jesus die for the sins of the whole world?

I won’t quote a lot of scripture. Most people know that Satan uses scripture too. But he uses it to deceive and mis-apply. He tries to make a square peg fill a round hole. So much scripture interpretation is determined by pre-set decisions. That might explain why there are so many doctrines all taken from the same bible.

I offer these following thoughts for your consideration and meditation:

God said these words to a prophet; “I AM THE LORD GOD, I CHANGE NOT.” (Mal. 3:6)   

There is not much of a way to misunderstand that statement. The above questions and perhaps more, could be settled by remembering that one statement about God.

GOD CHANGES METHODS. God will and has changed his methods. This is illustrated most vividly when He changed his method from the written law, which He wrote with his own hand in the stone and gave to Moses. When these rules were violated it came with some severe consequences. Then he gave us the “law of grace” in the gift of His only begotten son Jesus,- in whom we all have forgiveness. Which is available when we make Jesus Our Lord.. Thank God He made that change from ‘law keeping’ to ‘grace’!

BUT GOD HIMSELF DOESN’T CHANGE.  What ever He used to like, –He still likes. Whatever He used to hate, – He still hates. Whatever He labeled as sin, is still sin. Definition of sin;

Sin is something God doesn’t like, and tells us not to do. Sin is anything that does not agree with God. Sin is simply disobedience to follow His words. Yes, – even when done in ignorance. There are specific things that he told us not to do. Examples: He doesn’t want us to put permanent markings on our body. Do a search, it’s easy to find! He also told us not to eat meat that hasn’t been properly bled. He gives us instructions under Moses in definite specifics, so there will not be any misunderstandings about ‘what he likes, – and doesn’t like’. Read Zechariah 8:16 and 17 where God said “…things that I hate.” ( resents or rejects, as in ‘don’t ignore me on this.’ )

Also, in another major specific:  God Himself provided sex for His people and all living creatures. But He doesn’t like ‘sexual sins.’ He clearly told us what we should do and what we should not do concerning sex. (clearly defined in Leviticus 18)

Surely no one would be fool enough to argue with God. God won’t change from what he likes and from what he hates. He is the final judge. He doesn’t offer us any options, – only forgiveness. But He does offer to help us if we first agree with him. We are not the judge of where any man/woman goes when they die, – only God has the authority do that. God knows everything. And He judges according to His written word. He would not be honorable, or a God of integrity if He didn’t do that.

QUESTION: Why don’t we have a choice to do as we choose? We do have that choice! But we don’t have a choice in the consequences that follow. We either get the blessings of obedience, or the consequences of disobedience.

If we love God, we will strive to please Him. WE CAN CHANGE…, but GOD NEVER CHANGES!

The truth doesn’t hurt us, – IT SAVES US!

Dr. Gerald Davis

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