Did Democrats Eliminate God?



Clearly this is a time in our nation when emotions are running extremly high.

I cannot erase from my memory this following occasion;

Black Day in America...

While I was watching the Democratic Convention in 2012, a vote was taken  to either include God in their platform, or disallow God from their platform. The vote was considered and discussed. It was then brought to the floor and brought to an open verbal vote.

With thousands in the voting audience, the voices  dis-allowing God in their platform was stronger than those who wanted to keep God in their platform. The vote was taken twice to be absolutely certain.  It carried both times, and the Democrat Party officially became “the party who rejected God” on national television.  All persons in that convention didn’t agree with that,- but the majority rules, and it became the democratic party’s official policy.

TWO QUESTIONS: 1. Do they believe there is ‘no God’? 2. Or do they believe there is a God, but just determine to ‘boldly disagree with Him’? One of those two questions is their official position.

According to our constitution and our preamble, we are still ONE NATION UNDER GOD! 

The activities of the democrat party at the time of this writing, are showing us, by what they are doing to oppose every move of this new administration to correct this anti-God, anti-bible direction, – that they were  serious about that vote in 2012. There would be some room for debate for those who are democratic in their political position, if it were not for that ‘vote to remove God’ decision at their convention in 2012. Where is there room for an argument there?

I can’t help but meditate on a thought that won’t seem to go away;- – Considering all the terrorism activities that have been, and are now happening in our nation, and the world, and all the crime increase in our streets, and the many other negatives, such as increased Christian persecution, etc….

– has the lid been taken off of HELL? 

 If you were the God of the bible, – what would you be thinking?

Regardless of the color of our skin, we are all judged by the same God, and by the same weights and balances. He is a just God, but also a severe God who will judge us by our hearts, – and according to His word. We will all be held to the same standards.


We have watched Republican politicians disappoint us, as many of them have conceded to agree with matters that they were elected to correct and oppose. These Republican representatatives are commonly referred to as Rino’s (republican in name only). Consider the division that now exists  in this party! I don’t take the position of either party. I’m just a bible believing christian who agrees with God. I voted as closely as I could to maintain that lifestyle.

 Question: Do you think God-fearing, God-loving, patriotic and America loving people, need any help from above?

We can’t have his favor when opposing Him.

Providence shows itself in surprising and unanticipated ways. We stand and believe as we watch God “part the waters,” and we prepare to move ahead. President Trump must be supported by our continual daily prayers.

We are without doubt in a major spiritual conflict. It is a war in the heavenlies. It is clearly the spirit of the Anti-Christ,- determined to erase the Christian America and the true and only God that we have always known and loved.

If you agree with me and the Apostle Paul, – – I have no confidence in the flesh.” I can’t even depend on me. I make mistakes!  So, where does that leave us? –  Hopeless! – OH NO! – I believe God!  There IS a God!

 I cannot imagine myself, or any God-fearing person, supporting any person or group of persons who openly, on national television, disallows God from their life or decision making. In doing so, I would connect myself (in the eyes of God) with that platform, and be subject therefore to whatever consequences they may experience from that.

I trust God that after I have done my best,- He will do the rest. I don’t want to see God’s “handwriting on the wall” for this nation. Politics is a necessity – but only God is our HOPE, OUR REFUGE , AND OUR REST.

 My closing thought:  *God never destroyed an enemy with a sword unless it was in some human hand.*

It’s time to – STAND UP!- STAND UP FOR JESUS –  and let your light shine, and show the works of a living God !

* SELAH! (think about it)  * GD


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