Did The Democratic Party Exclude God?



Clearly this is a time in our nation when emotions, especially political emotions are running extremly high.

I cannot erase from my memory this following occasion;

Black Day in America...

While I was watching the Democratic Convention in 2012, a vote was taken  to either;

  1. Include God in their platform, or

     2. Disallow God from their platform.

The vote was considered and discussed. It was then brought to the floor and brought to an open verbal vote.

With thousands in the voting audience, the voices to exclude God from their platform was stronger than those who wanted to keep God in their platform. The vote was taken twice to be absolutely certain.  It carried both times, and the Democratic Party officially became “the party who rejected God” on national television.  All persons in that convention didn’t agree with that,- but the majority rules, and it became the democratic party’s official policy and position.


1. Do they believe there is ‘no God ‘?

2. Or do they believe there is a God, but just determine to ‘boldly and openly disagree with Him’ ?

The answer to one of those two questions is their official position. I wonder which?

According to our constitution and our preamble, we are still ONE NATION UNDER GOD! 

The activities of the democrat party at the time of this writing,  oppose every move of this new administration to correct this anti-God, anti-bible direction. Apparently  they were  serious about that vote in 2012. There would be some room for debate in their political position, if it were not for that ‘vote to remove God’ decision at their convention in 2012. Where is there an opening for an argument in their favor?

I can’t help but meditate on a thought that won’t seem to go away;- – Considering all the terrorism activities that have been, and are now happening in our nation, and all the crime increase in our streets, plus the many other negatives, including the increase of Christian persecution, etc….

– has the lid been taken off of HELL? 

 If you were the God of the bible, – what would you be thinking?

Regardless of the color of our skin or the language we speak, – we are all judged by the same God, and by the same weights and balances. He is a just God, but also a severe God who will judge us by our hearts, and according to HIS word. We will all be held to the same standards. If I call myself a christian, and if I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour….?


We have watched Republican politicians disappoint us.  Many of them have conceded to agree with matters that they were elected to correct and oppose. These Republican representatatives are commonly referred to as Rino’s (republican in name only). Consider the division that now exists  in this party! I don’t take the position of either party. I’m just a bible believing christian who agrees with God. I voted as closely as I could to maintain that lifestyle for my country.

 Question: Do you think America needs any help from above right now? 

Question:  How can we have God’s favor if we oppose Him??

Providence shows itself in surprising and unanticipated ways. We stand and believe and then watch for the “parting of the waters.” We prepare to move ahead. Our leader, (president)  must be supported by our continual daily prayers and by way we talk, and by the things we say.

We are without doubt in a major spiritual conflict. It is a war in the heavenlies. It is clearly the spirit of the Anti-Christ,- determined to erase Christian America, and the true and only God that we have always known and loved.

If you agree with me and the Apostle Paul, – – I have no confidence in the flesh.” I can’t even depend on me. I make mistakes!  So, where does that leave us? –  Hopeless! – OH NO! – I believe God!  There IS a God!

 I cannot imagine myself, or any God-fearing person, supporting any person or group of persons who openly, on national television, disallows God from their life or decision making. In doing so, I would connect myself (in the eyes of God) with that platform, and be subject therefore to whatever consequences they may experience from that. 

I trust God that after I have done my best to abide by His word,- He will do the rest. I don’t want to see God’s “handwriting on the wall” for this nation. Politics is a necessity – but only God is our HOPE, OUR REFUGE , AND OUR CONFIDENCE . 

 My closing thought:  *God never destroyed an enemy with a sword unless it was in some human hand.*


It’s time to – STAND UP!- STAND UP FOR JESUS –  and let your light shine, and “show forth the works of a living God” !

* SELAH! (think about it)  * GD


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t10        Why do bad things happen to good people?

This question has been bantered around so much in the minds of curious, searching hearts. Only when I see things from God’s point of view does this clear up to me. According to Jesus and other scriptures – BAD THINGS DON’T HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE!


Jesus replied to a man who called him good, “Why do you call me good, there is none good but my Father in Heaven.” (Mark 10:18) And again,- “There is none good, no not one. We have all sinned, and gone out of the way. and come short of the glory (goodness) of God.” (see Romans 3:23-24) Jesus knew that if we view things acccording to appearances from our view, then we would never understand such questions. It is error to judge according to our view of who is good and who is bad. We can only judge their deeds. We all need a saviour. That is why God sent Jesus. No one deserves redemption. That is why we are all “saved by grace, – not by our good deeds.


Satan is alive and plenty active. According to John Chapter 10: v.10,  Satan is doing all the “stealing, killing and destroying.” He always takes advantage of our “lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)  Contrary to popular thinking; What we don’t know is what is hurting us. Satan has no mercy on anybody – old or young! When God binds him and throws him into “the bottomless pit,” (that time is nearing) there will be no more of this.

God is not interested in hurting us, even when he disciplines us through His word. It may cause deep conviction, and require some changes in our ways of thinking and doing, but it is only meant for our progress and victorious living in this life. “He sent His word and delivered them.” (Psalms) Bad things happen to all people, – but God can, and wants to turn them to something good.

If we study the scriptures and learn to think the thoughts of God, we will rise above these futile and limiting ways that plague the thoughts of “Fallen Man.” These points of ignorance and wrong thinking open a path for satan to come in and do his dirty work. (1st. Peter 5:8) “The foolishness (ignorance) of man perverts his way; and causes his heart to fret against the Lord.” (Proverbs 19:3) Remember this: God is a good God – and only God is always right!  – whether I understand it or not! * Selah! (think about it.)

We should never be offended at the ways and thoughts of God, – Never!  God is not mad at us,- neither does He do things to hurt us!

G Davis

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*We win – if we won’t quit!*

t39      ... you rule in the midst of your enemies…” Ps.110:2

At one point I was ready to stop the world and get off, when that voice within said; “I won’t quit, – if you won’t.”

The story is told of a general in World War 11 who told his paratroopers to meet him at a determined location behind enemy lines. After jumping and meeting at that spot, the general enquired of those who came from the North, South, West and East. Each responded with the same answer, “Sir, we are totally surrounded by the enemy on every side.” To which the general replied, “OK, don’t let one of them get away.

To a believer, tough times are just opportunities for miracles! But we must expect them!

We are never without proper equipment to win. Yes, there are things that are unscriptural for us, as christians to do.


I can’t take vengeance on my enemies, – but it’s not illegal for God God can, and He said He would!

I can’t take money for myself from someone by force, – but it’s not illegal for God... God can, and said He would,.. and added that He would put it into the hands of the believer!

I can’t determine the day of my departure, – but God can,- and does!

I can’t lie, –  but God said He would “… send strong delusion that they (your ungodly enemy) should believe a lie and be damned.” (11 Thes. 2:10-13)  The devil will lose, – we will win,- every time!

God never runs out of options to find a way to cause me to win. God can and will do things that would be unscriptural for us to do.

We have angels that are commisioned by God Almighty to watch over us. Sometime they take on a bodily form and other times they just function in supernatural and unseen ways. Some time we are aware of it, –  but most of the time we are not. The teen age giant killer of Israel named David noted…  “The lines have fallen unto me in pleasant places.”  Things just worked out!

Hold firm to what you do know, then trust God who can do anything but fail!

*He never quits – if we won’t! * Believe and obey the word of the one who created knowledge. Never resent what God says!  Be sure to keep praising the lord!

“Blessed be the Lord who has not given us a prey to their (the enemies) teeth..” (Ps 123:6)  Selah! GD


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“The wind blows where it chooses,…no man knows where it comes from, and no man knows where it goes. – So also is he that is born 0f the Spirit.” (Jesus’ words in John 3:8.)

After rising from the dead on the third day, Jesus appeared in the room where his disciples were hiding for fear of the rulers, and He “breathed” on his disciples and said “receive ye the Holy Ghost.”  Jesus blew his breath on them, – Have you ever wondered if they felt anything?

The wind is defined, in function, to be the same as the Holy Ghost. It can blow softly and move a huge seagoing sail ship along in an orderly fashion. Or it can be a tornado, or hurricane and leave a permanent change in the landscape. In Ezekiel 37  the wind blew and turned a valley full of dead men’s bones into an “exceeding great army.

On the day of pentecost the wind blew – and turned “unlearned” fishermen and even tax collectors etcetera, into some men who “turned the world upside down.”  The wind serves to be either constructive or destructive. We can’t see it, but we can see the results of it. So also with the Holy Ghost. In Psalm 1, when referring to “the ungodly” the wind is said to “drive away the chaff.”  and again –  The whirlwind of the Lord goes forth with fury…upon the head of the anti-God disobedient. (Jeremiah 30:23) And then again, – “…the wind shall carry them away, and the whirlwind shall scatter them,- and you shall rejoice in the Lord…” (Is. 4:16)  Good verses to claim right now in these turbulent times.

When the enemy of God gets in the ring with Him, their arms are always too short to ‘box with God’. Just consider the wind storms of the past, and meditate on the “power of the wind.”

 Only the wind of the Holy Spirit can bring about the necessary changes to save our nation and propel us in the right direction.

THIS IS MY CONSTANT PRAYER; “Father God, I pray that you will send the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow on men and women in this established Christian nation, which satan is trying to destroy, and raise up a mighty army from what might seem like certain ruin. Restore this nation to be the force that you can use once again to “turn the world upside down”. Blow away the chaff ( the ungodly rules and laws and those that are making them) so we will once again be acceptable in your sight as a nation. We can’t make it without your favor! Will you bring us back to the place in you, where we willingly abide by your written rules and principles. In The name above every name, JESUS, – I do offer this prayer.  GD 

If you agree, please say – Amen!  


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“The liberal soul shall be made fat, and he that waters others shall be watered also himself” (Proverbs 11:25)

The term ‘liberal’ is used today to describe a political ideology. It does not align with basic common sense or with the bible definition of that word.

The true meaning of the word “liberal” can be defined like this:

1. One inclined to overdo when there is a need. i.e; “You want me to go a mile, sure,- I’ll go two miles with you.” (The non-liberal soul thinks, “How about if I walk you to the corner.”)

Or,- “Do you need my coat, here take my overcoat also, I can buy another one, you might need it.” The non-liberal soul thinks, “My coat-  what am I going to do for a coat?  I don’t think so, – sorry!  Go find your own coat. I paid a lot for this coat!

Or,– “Great, an opportunity (not an obligation) to be a blessing, and give something  to someone less fortunate than I.”

The liberal soul anticipates tithe and offering time in church. The non-liberal soul recoils and thinks in terms of minimums. If a non-liberal soul does tithe, he will figure it to the penny. The liberal soul will round it off to the next highest number. The liberal soul shall be made fat.” Selah!

2. One who is delighted at the good fortune of another, – without resentment!  (“…rejoices with them that rejoice, and weeps with them that weep.“) “Wow, – I’m so glad you got that new beautiful car.”  The non-liberal soul kicks the dirt and thinks, “Why can’t I get a new car.” –


NOTE: Doing a liberal deed does not make a person a liberal soul.  The term, “liberal soul,”describes the TYPE of person we are. It is a mindset that some people operate in. It is totally unselfish. It considers others before themselves. It operates in the faith realm.  The liberal soul believes that he/she will be taken care of – if  I do unto others as I would have them do to me. A person who has a good traction in faith will not have that much of a problem living in that mindset.

3And of course, work!  “Fat” is never promised by God to anyone who will not work. Fat is excess;- It is some you could lose, – and not be hurt by it. The above verse is God’s promise to anyone who will work, – and become a “liberal soul”. It is a decision we all have to make. “To be- or not to be?”

Question:  “But what about the turkeys out there who would take advantage of a person like that?” Yes, they are out there. But they will never know the fatness of the liberal soul. The liberal soul will never let that be their problem!

My readers will not walk in todays ideology of what a liberal soul is. According to the scriptures, that is a very misguided mindset, – and a misuse of the word “liberal.”      

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dad retouched with a background           SAVING U.S. of A.

I love our homeland. If we don’t believe God is hearing and is answering our prayers concerning the redeeming of America, – then why pray?  Queen Mary once said of the founder of the Presbyterian church, John Knox, “I fear the prayers of John Knox more than all the assembled armies of Europe.”

America has left many of the principles by which this nation was established. America was established on Judeo/Christian values. It is easy to see why we are facing heart crushing devastation. It is because of some of our political leaders ungodly and unscriptural decisions. The people of this nation did vote these leaders into office. Therefore the weight of these responsibilities rests on “we the people”.

Where did we as ministers and christians in this nation get off track and let this happen? I take my share of the responsibility. Yes, I have wept as I prayed. Let God’s people bow the knee and accept the responsibility with contrition and brokenness before the Lord, – and repent as though we bore the guilt of it ourselves. Weeping may be for a night, but joy will come in the morning.

We cannot put our trust in any candidate to deliver us and turn our nation around. I thank God for our leaders who embrace the Judeo-Christian values. But God, and He alone can/will do this. The midterm elections are fast approaching. We cannot let up in our diligence to pray. If we His people, who are called christians, will put our trust in God, and not in any electable person, to be our redeemer. Those chips (votes) will fall where they will, – but God is He who distributes, as He will, when His people pray fervently before His face. Solomon said in the Proverbs,” The lot (vote) is cast into the lap, but the whole disposing thereof –  is of the Lord.”

God will see our tears, He will hear our prayers, and only He will heal our land.

Let’s keep our focus on Him, who always causes us to triumph.” Selah!!  

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I don’t understand everything in the bible, but I believe ALL THE BIBLE }


t19                   WHO DOES THAT?

God… calls those things which be not, as though they were.” (Romans 4:17)

That is the method God used to create everything.

Can we do that too?

Jesus said, “...and shall believe in his heart…he shall have whatsoever he says.” (Mark 11:23) Jesus is called the “high priest of our confession” (Hebrews 3:1)

Jesus takes what we say and delivers it to the Father as an intercessor (attorney). God is looking for faith in my heart to correspond with what I am saying.

I asked the Lord on one occasion many years back, “Lord, what if I say what I want to see in my future, but my heart (faith) can’t really grasp it, – does that count? I continued, – Lord, I do believe it theologically because you said it, but I don’t think my faith is up there yet.”  This is what I heard in my spirit, “If you say it long enough and stick with it, your heart (faith) will begin to catch up to it.” 

CONCLUSION: If we always talk the way things are, instead of the way we want it to be, we will always have what we presently have, and it will probably get worse, – the devil will see to that. He lies wait to catch us in our words.

But if I talk what I want, instead of what I have,  (if what I have is not what I want), then things will move forward to that level, – the Lord will see to that!  “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.” My power to change my life is in what I say and believe for!  Selah! *GD

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             Does Satan Want To Help?


   How is it that so many different doctrines (disagreeing positions) have developed from the same bible? The last I knew there were about 76 known different Christian denominations, all quoting from the same bible.

I have noticed how satan (the unseen enemy of man) will use the scriptures to confuse, and thereby restrict the many promises and benefits that God has arranged for his people in the scriptures?

God wants to bless his human beings!

Special illustration: Satan sought to confuse Jesus with scriptures when Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days.

This is amazing;  Jesus refused to claim the God given promises that satan quoted to him in His hour of temptation! And he clearly knew that what satan had quoted were the words of God. You may know that satan can appear “as an angel of light.”

Why did Jesus NOT claim those promises from God? –  I think I know!

It is because Jesus knew , if He claimed those promises, he would have had to violate some corresponding principles. And that would have cancelled those God-given promises; – ending in failure and death.  Jesus knew those principles, and He quoted those principles instead of claiming the promises which satan quoted to Him.  Jesus (who was the word in the flesh) knew that the promises which  satan quoted, would not work if he was in violation of the corresponding principles.( Let him that reads understand.)

I noticed that each time satan quoted scriptures to Jesus,-he quoted promises. When Jesus countered in resisting the temptation,- He quoted a principle, – all three times. My reader should study that portion of scripture in the life of Jesus if you are serious about understanding this very important bit of truth. Satan concentrated on promises, –  Jesus concentrated on principles. I have learned in my 80 years of living in this troubled world, that God has no problem performing and keeping His promises, if I will concentrate on keeping the principles.  Human nature is to embrace the promises, –  but ignore the principles.

The principles are God’s directives to us.  When God says; “do this”, human natures response is; – “Man,- I don’t want to do that”,  – or; When God says “don’t do that” human nature thinks, “Oh no! – but that’s what I want to do.”                                                                        THE PROMISES ARE;  – God’s offer to help us!  THE PRINCIPLES ARE;   God’s requirements of us!

This is a good place to re-read the 10 Commandments!

Human nature wants to do it their way and then cry; – “Oh God, could you please get me out of this mess I’m in?”  Fallen human nature doesn’t just naturally want to do things God’s way. But God says; “If you be willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land.”

Nothing changes things like doing things God’s way; ( keeping the principles.)

Satan uses the word of God to forward ‘his destructive methods’ and take us into defeat. Satan will help you interpret the scriptures if you are ignorant of his devices.” If I let satan interpret (mis-apply) the scriptures for me, I will end up confused, bewildered and dissapointed. Confused teachers pass on “their understanding” which helps promote the “doctrines (thinking) of devils”, which becomes “the doctrines of men.”  This is why so many people today are angry at God. They thought He should have intervened on their behalf when they were claiming some promises. God is certainly a merciful God. BUT -we can’t always benefit from God’s promises if we are ignorant of, and in violation of the principles.

I’ll be more specific, – 

We are told not to  lie, or cheat, or steal.

We are taught not to abuse one another, or take undue advantage of one another. We are told to always honor others above ourselves and not be dishonest in our dealings.

THE BUCK STOPS WITH GOD!  He causes His word to work for us if we will just trust Him and do it.

We are told to abandon selfish pride; “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty (prideful) spirit before for a fall.”

We are taught not to be selfish,- but to be humble, (not prideful) in spirit. 

We are warned to ‘not commit clearly sinful acts’ as defined in the scriptures, (not as defined by any other entity). Acts such as adultery, perverted sex, and idolatry, (putting other interests before God.)  We are told to abandon fornication (sex before marriage).

We are taught to maintain a controlled, even spirit; and guard against a backbiting tongue and a judgmental lifestyle.

All these items mentioned have negative consequences. When we violate these principles of life, and over-run God’s warnings and a gnawing conscience, it can interfere with our prayers for help. It makes no sense to be angry with God for delayed help, or no help,- if we are in willful violation of His advice to us. I don’t think God views himself as our servant to jump when we call, if we are not willing to cooperate with Him.

God made this following statement in the bible; My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6)

I heard this following word of instruction from somewhere in my spirit;

“You don’t decide to believe my word because you understand it, you will begin to understand it after you first determine to believe it.”

Revelation (unusual insight) comes when I walk in faith, – not in doubt. Satan is behind any effort to make the scriptures conform to our understanding!

It has to be the other way. Our understanding must conform to what God says!

I do believe that God is smarter than we are. There are still things in the scriptures that I don’t understand in my natural mind, – but I understand far more now, than I did when I first determined to believe it!

I have learned that I can trust God when I’m in agreement with Him!

“You shall not add to my word… neither shall you diminish ought from it” (Deut. 4:2)

Example: I don’t understand everything about hell, – but I believe the devil deserves it!  And, – according to the scriptures, all who doubt God and disagree with God, will spend eternity with the one they agree with. * (think about it) *GD


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To Walk , Run or Fly

t10 Should I Walk, Run or Fly?


Here are some thoughts to meditate:

There are three areas of human need…

They are:  Spiritual, physical and material. {111 John v.2}.

There are three things  that Satan concentrates on doing, – Steal, (our money) Kill, (our bodies) and Destroy (our lives and our eternal soul in hell) –  {John 10:10}

There are three areas  that Jesus provided for humans in His time on earth.

#1: He sacrificed his blood and died to save our soul;- (covered our spiritual needs)

#2: He was beaten with 39 stripes to bring healing to our bodies; – (covering our physical needs)

#3:  “He became poor that we through his poverty might be rich”, (covering our material needs.) {11 Cor. 8:9}

That provides three levels of production available for the believer…

30 fold, (or one third) 60 fold, (or two thirds) and 100 fold, (or 100%) of the provisions purchased for us by Jesus. {Matthew 13:8}

That makes three levels that God’s believers can function in…

We can” walk”, or we can “run“, or we can  “fly”.  30-60-100 (three levels to function in.) We can “walk and not faint”(1/3 rd of the benefits) or we can “run and not be weary”, (2/3rds of the benefits) or we canmount up with wings as eagles” and soar above the “weak and beggarly elements …of sin’s bondage.”.  THAT describes 100 % of the benefits.  {see Isaiah 40:31}

God has made provision for us, through Jesus Christ, to soar above the storms of satans attacks.

We can fly, – have 100% of these benefits if we get all the right information.

We all need inspiration,- but good information will change your life!

It changed my life.  Selah!  GD


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Designed Like A Cork

dad retouched with a background                  **STAYING ON TOP**

While I was speaking on a given subject I heard the Lord’s voice down inside. He told me this;

Tell the people that I told you to tell them;

It started unfolding as I spoke it, “Tell them I have designed them like a cork. They have all the ingredients built  in them to stay on top of every situation, regardless of the storms they may go through. There are two  reasons they go down beneath the surface into the dark murky waters of discouragement, doubt and defeat, –

  1. It is either because of debris on top of them, {traditions of men.} i.e. “Making the word of God of none effect through your (religious) traditions.”  (Mark 7 :13) 

Or –

It is something attached to them that is pulling them under.  This would be the sins that have not been laid aside or discontinued. (Hebrews 12:1 ) i.e. “…let us lay aside every weight and the sins which do so easily beset (defeat and discourage) us.”  We should not be in condemnation for past sins that have been forgiven. But we should stop doing those things out of our past that we feel convicted over. Listen to that voice within and make the changes.

The correction and the cure as God continued to speak to me; 

1.”If they will snip the cord of their sins that are holding them down, and, 

2. Follow my word instead of what other people think and do,-  they will immediately begin to rise to the surface and live in the sunshine of my goodness, grace and abundance.”

SUMMARY: God wants us to;  ” fly like eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint.”  

* STAY ON TOP *  (read Isaiah 40)  

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