About 43 years ago I wrote an article for the Odessa, Texas newspaper. The following is a revised version of that article…

GOD said something in Is. 58: 19 that may change your life. “I create the fruit (results) of the lips.” The laws that God set in motion causes what I speak, to set in motion the things concerning my future. When God created the universe, He spoke it into existence. Nothing happened until He spoke it. If you didn’t understand this before, maybe you will see the importance of it now. If I use negative words like; “Why can’t I ever get a break.? “Nothing good ever happens for me.” “I’m just a born loser.” “I was born poor and I will always be poor.” “I’m just unlucky.” “I’ll never amount to anything.” I the words of a popular song from the past ; “Born to lose, and now I’m losing you.” HOLD IT: If I think that way, I will talk like that. If I talk like that I am setting in motion the laws of nature that create that for my future.

MEDITATE THIS: If I always think like I have always thought, I will always be like I have always been, and I will always do what I have always done, – then I will always have what I have always had.

Listen to yourself talk sometime…

EXAMPLE: A husband comes home after work. He is tired from the day. He says to his wife; “Why is this house so dirty? What have you done all day, just lay around and watch TV? You look like something the cat drug up. I would have done better if I had married your little sister.” He has just created a very unpleasant and unhappy atmosphere for the rest of his day. If He said something like, “Hello beautiful!, you are the sweetest little doll God ever created. I am the luckiest man in the world.” He has just created a very good and tranquil setting for the evening. “I create the fruit of the lips.” With my words I can create ‘hell and havoc’, or I can create an enjoyable and successful future. Words are seeds that can bring in either a good or a bad crop. If I sprinkle more bad seeds than good, then the ‘bad crop’ will overtake the ‘good crop’. Satan can cause enough bad in my life without me giving him some help. David the giant killer apparently understood this when he cried out to God and said, ” Set a watch Oh God, at the doors of my mouth…” If words can get you into trouble, then words can get you out of trouble. It isn’t ‘good luck’ or ‘bad luck’, it is a law of nature that God himself used to create, and it was then set in motion for us to utilize. Find the promises of God in the scripture that fit your situation. Then speak those words, over and over again. That will get you out of a troubled and unhappy life. Do it! It can’t cost you anything, – except a losers attitude!

In the words of Abraham Lincoln; “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

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What I think determines what I say – What I say determines the life I live. “Study to be approved”  The scriptures can’t lie!  *GD

65th Wedding Anniversary


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            Gerald and Thelma Davis

        June 1, 1954

Every Love Story Is Beautiful- But Our Story Is Our  Favorite!

It nearly takes my breath away to know this is coming up on June 1st of this year.

I was sixteen when we met, in the most beautiful coastal town in America, – Corpus Christi, Texas.; – and the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Thelma was four months older. This girl, – and Jesus saved my life. I was not heading in the right direction. Once she kissed me, I knew I was cooked. We dated for one year, and married at age 18. I hadn’t finished high school; – I do have my earned doctors degree now from Gulf Coast Seminary in Florida. I got it from my intense study, mostly of the bible,- and also from the school of KNOCKS. There has never been a day in these 65 years that I have ever been sorry I said to this girl;  “I do.” Thankfully she says she feels the same toward me. Neither of us has ever defaulted on our vows to one another. Our initial love for one another has never changed.

We began our ministry as pastors of a church at the ancient age of 20, in Charter Oak, California. Both of our boys were born in Corpus Christi. We served as pastors in five different locations, totaling 19 plus years. We began a traveling ministry in late 1979. We have traveled all the way around the entire world together; preaching the gospel, healing the sick and casting out devils, for a period of roughly 45 years.

                             FAMILY BLESSING REPORT

We have been blessed! David noted;  “Children are a heritage from the Lord, …happy is the man that has his quiver full….” (Ps.127: 3 & 5) We’ve been blessed with eight grand children, and fourteen great grand’s, and one great-great granddaughter. Full quiver indeed!      

“With long life will I satisfy them, and show them my salvation.” (Ps.91). We measure everything by the scriptures.


          Our extended family

We have learned that a person’s greatest asset in life is family and friends. The friends that we have made over these 65 years hold some of the deepest memories in our hearts. There have been many acquaintances, but I think the stars in our crown will consist of those who rose to the level of  “more than a brother.” Some of our friends have partnered with us for over 40 years. It puts me in mind of the friendship of David and Jonathon. Quite a number of these are now waiting for us in Heaven. They are true proven friends and without doubt, gifts from God. We love our friends and pray for you often.

                  RECENT YEARS

Our hearts are still young, but our bodies – not so much. I do okay until I look in the mirror – Oh Lord! Thelma doesn’t get out much anymore. She gets around in her power chair most of the time. She likes to go out back and feed the birds. She enjoys having me around home taking care of her. Most of the ministry I do now is telephone, Internet, writing blogs, pastoral counseling and US mail.  I serve on some church boards, etcetera. I still do occasional pulpit ministry in some of the local churches within driving range. And I take good care of the most precious gift God ever gave to me, my indefinable wife; – Thelma! All of our years, “my heart has safely trusted in her.” (Proverbs 31:11) *G Davis


Gerald and Thelma

                            The BIG Question:


The story is told of an old Indian as he instructed his grandson on life and his future.

 “Son, there are two wolves living in side all of us. One is a bad wolf. The other is a good wolf. The bad wolf is committed to killing, and eating everything good within us. The good wolf is always fighting with the bad wolf. He is trying to stop him from doing his dirty work. Which wolf wins, queried the grandson? Ah!, replied his grandfather. It is the one that we feed.”

This won’t come as a revelation to any of us, but it is a reminder of a fact. Our government run school system has reached a level to ‘sounding the fire alarm.’ This is not a drill, IT IS THE REAL THING! The destruction of our next generation is at a gasping ‘OMG!’ level.

I don’t need to explain to you what you already know. The degradation level and debauchery of sexuality and transgender garbage that is now being taught, even down into the first grade level is downright nauseating. God help us, – and help us to help ourselves!

                                      THE FIX

I am pulling the lever on the fire alarm! We must determine to put our children in a safe environment of proper nutrition,  – SPIRITUAL FOOD. The bible is the only ‘safe space’ for us to run too. We need only to determine where our values are to know what we must do. While Christian schools are still legal in this nation, we are going to support that way of learning with every effort, and with every breath we take. Our ministry is shifting some money to that purpose.

                            MINISTRY EVALUATION

Our partners have been very supportive in sending our books to overseas destinations. Over the past several years we have sent several thousand books to overseas destinations, and paid the postage to help gather souls and teach them the ways of God. Now the shifting…

 President Donald Trump has been emphasizing the need to put “America first.” He has been sounding the ‘fire alarm.’ Other religions are gaining foot hold in our Christian nation at an alarming speed. That door was opened wide by our former president.

{A major Muslim leader makes this recent message to all Americans:  “In two years America will be land of Muslims and all Christians will be our slaves.”} The direction that England has gone shows this trend.

While this strikes NO fear to our hearts, it just shows what their purpose and goal is, – plus, plus!

                Embassy Christian Academy

This Christian school is located on Interstate 59, a main artery in Kingwood/Porter, Texas. It is now in its 5th year. It is owned and operated by our twin granddaughters Tiffany and Andrea, now in their early 40’s. They presently have about 32 students. They are passing on to their students the lessons we have taught, and been assured of, over the last four generations of spirit filled preachers. One child can change our future; i.e; Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and so on.

                          A VAN TYPE AUTOMOBILE

If you know of a van or large SUV type vehicle that could be donated to this school, please contact me. I am also asking our partners to consider this school as an extension of your own heart toward promoting the gospel message to and through our youth. When we do this (I can’t say if) when we do this, we will have shared in the ministry of “bringing the children to Jesus.” I’m doing what I can in writing this letter, and I’m believing that our partners will do the same. If not us, – WHO? 

I see miracles coming, both for you and also for AMERICA and for this God anointed school.

Your assistance can be easily done through Pay Pal.

If we get a van donated (quality condition please) that will be super. If not, I will be seeking to purchase one from our partners donations.

Yes! I AM PULLING THE LEVER ON THE FIRE ALARM…I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I pray that you view it as seriously as we do.

Thank you for your loyal service to our Lord over so many years.

Your partner for increase,

Gerald Davis


Law v grace?

The question about keeping The Ten Commandments seems to be an ongoing debate. This is usually in reference to the differing views on the new law of “Love and Grace.” There is a considered leniency that we now have in that new and wonderful law that Jesus coming brought. QUESTION: Are we now allowed, under the “law of grace,” to choose at our discretion what is sin and what is not sin? QUESTION: Why so much debate about sexual sins?

QUESTION: If we love everybody, and just want everybody to be happy, shouldn’t we leave everybody alone and let them do whatever they want to do. As long as they are not stealing other peoples goods, or murdering people, shouldn’t they go to heaven when they die?

QUESTION: Doesn’t God love everybody, whether they are Christians or Muslims or Hindu or Buddhist, or any other unknown religion? After all, didn’t Jesus die for the sins of the whole world?

I won’t quote a lot of scripture. Most people know that Satan uses scripture too. But he uses it to deceive and mis-apply. He tries to make a square peg fill a round hole. So much scripture interpretation is determined by pre-set decisions. That might explain why there are so many doctrines all taken from the same bible.

I offer these following thoughts for your consideration and meditation:

God said these words to a prophet; “I AM THE LORD GOD, I CHANGE NOT.” (Mal. 3:6)   

There is not much of a way to misunderstand that statement. The above questions and perhaps more, could be settled by remembering that one statement about God.

GOD CHANGES METHODS. God will and has changed his methods. This is illustrated most vividly when He changed his method from the written law, which He wrote with his own hand in the stone and gave to Moses. When these rules were violated it came with some severe consequences. Then he gave us the “law of grace” in the gift of His only begotten son Jesus,- in whom we all have forgiveness. Which is available when we make Jesus Our Lord.. Thank God He made that change from ‘law keeping’ to ‘grace’!

BUT GOD HIMSELF DOESN’T CHANGE.  What ever He used to like, –He still likes. Whatever He used to hate, – He still hates. Whatever He labeled as sin, is still sin. Definition of sin;

Sin is something God doesn’t like, and tells us not to do. Sin is anything that does not agree with God. Sin is simply disobedience to follow His words. Yes, – even when done in ignorance. There are specific things that he told us not to do. Examples: He doesn’t want us to put permanent markings on our body. Do a search, it’s easy to find! He also told us not to eat meat that hasn’t been properly bled. He gives us instructions under Moses in definite specifics, so there will not be any misunderstandings about ‘what he likes, – and doesn’t like’. Read Zechariah 8:16 and 17 where God said “…things that I hate.” ( resents or rejects, as in ‘don’t ignore me on this.’ )

Also, in another major specific:  God Himself provided sex for His people and all living creatures. But He doesn’t like ‘sexual sins.’ He clearly told us what we should do and what we should not do concerning sex. (clearly defined in Leviticus 18)

Surely no one would be fool enough to argue with God. God won’t change from what he likes and from what he hates. He is the final judge. He doesn’t offer us any options, – only forgiveness. But He does offer to help us if we first agree with him. We are not the judge of where any man/woman goes when they die, – only God has the authority do that. God knows everything. And He judges according to His written word. He would not be honorable, or a God of integrity if He didn’t do that.

QUESTION: Why don’t we have a choice to do as we choose? We do have that choice! But we don’t have a choice in the consequences that follow. We either get the blessings of obedience, or the consequences of disobedience.

If we love God, we will strive to please Him. WE CAN CHANGE…, but GOD NEVER CHANGES!

The truth doesn’t hurt us, – IT SAVES US!

Dr. Gerald Davis

The Greatest need in the body of Christ Today

Gerald shared this message live  at Lakewood Church in Houston, Tx. We hope you enjoy this teaching. If you’d like more information about Gerald Davis Ministries, or would like to recieve monthly updates, ministry book materials, or Donate to the Gerald Davis/Overflowing Cup Ministries please visit our website. Paypal is available there.

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While reading in Exodus chapter 17, I noticed some things that stood out to me. I hope these thoughts will help you as we enter this next year.

  1. We are in a never-ending battle with our spiritual enemy. It will continue until the day we die. V.15

“If it’s not one thing it’s another!”

  1. While in this particular above mentioned skirmish with the enemy, Moses was instructed of the Lord to hold up his hands (lift up holy hands to the Lord).

This indicated several things to me:

  1. A gesture of total dependence

(Lord, I surrender all!) We are fighting with everything thing we know and with all the might we possess, …but we know our strength and victory is in your hands.

  1. It became an exhausting posture to maintain.

(Moses hands grew tired) V.12. “How long, Oh Lord, how long? ” We can all relate to that! The tendency of our human nature is to whine and complain. But have you noticed, – that never helps us to win.

  1. We need each other for encouragement and help. (Aaron and Hur on either side of Moses, holding up his hands.v.12) I pray every one of my partners have a strong word church, to stay in the warmth of other believers. It is SO important to share with other believers and help each other.
  2. I need to be steady and consistent in this posture of praise, (V.12) . I must never change positions of praise and worship with my mouth. NEVER!
  3. Determine in advance to get on top of every situation and battle, – with the sword, (word of God) in your hand and in your mouth. (v.9)
  4. f. Enter 2019 with an attitude and determination to praise God, regardless of what battle we are facing. With that attitude, we will always win.

V.11 “As long as Moses held up his hands…the battle went in their favor…”

  1. Always bear in mind our promise of victory:

Because hands were lifted up to the throne of the Lord…”, the Lord will control the war (fight the battle for us) against the enemy. v.16

I send my love and thanksgiving to each of our friends and cherished partners. I strongly encourage you be SURE to be a “doer of the word and not hearers (readers) only.” We’ll share some consistently good stories of victory as this year moves forward. We alwayswin, if we don’t quit!!! I heard this voice in my spirit on one occasion when I was ready to throw in the towel; “ I won’t quit if you won’t.” I knew where that came from. I came out of that jam, and I’m still here, – pretty healthy and still debt free at 82!


*********************************************************SPECIAL UPDATE ON OUR BOOK                                          DISTRIBUTION MINISTRY

In my December partner letter, that some of you have received, I gave you information of a request for 600 copies with names and addresses in Nigeria, Africa. All of these people are requesting the book I wrote titled SHOULD I SPEAK IN TONGUES. Of the nine book titles that I have sent to this area and others, this is the one they are now concentrated on receiving.


Could the Holy Ghost be making a statement to us here?

We sow and we water, “but God gives the increase.” Only time will tell what kind of spiritual awakening this could create in that country!

The cost for handling this on a standard method of individual mailing from our offices in Conroe, Texas, would be a little over $15,000, including printing the books, postage and handling, -but…

GOOD NEWS: I have found a printing source in the UK who can print the books and ship them to a local pastor, for under $6,000. This should cover other peripheral costs for those who do hands on work to help me in this project. The pastor there would then mail them to the 600 names and addresses in his country. Our ministry would give him some money to cover his cost for the local postage and handling. I trust God, – that when I have done my part, then He and others will do their part.

If you talk to our Father about this, it is because it is of interest to you. If you do, then He will surely speak to you in some way, about what part of this $6,000 you can help me with.

I HAVE LEARNED THIS, if God ever speaks to me to give to an opportunity and need of another, it is because he has two needs in mind. It is one I am giving to, – and the one I have been thinking/praying about in my own life.

I really do appreciate your prayers with me on the completion of this wonderful “open and effectual door” to us here. God knew that believers would need this wonderful gift of tongues to advance victorious living and His ministry in this world.



I have instructed our website provider to post all or our books on the website to be downloadable for $2.00 per book. This should be available soon. Please give this information to other Christians in your circles.



As believers, I am sure you are joining with the thousands of people in this nation, who are praying for his wisdom, and resolve and physical protection, so he can continue his course in restoring our nation from the losses that this Christian nation sustained from the previous administration. This is still a Christian nation!


Your partner for successful living,

Gerald Davis


















Gerald and Thelma


When the angel appeared to Joseph and announced the news about his sweetheart Mary being pregnant, He explained; “…that which is ‘conceived’ in her is ‘of the Holy Ghost.’” We know Mary’s conception was by God and not by man. God almighty picked Mary, and approved her for this. Mary must have had a pure heart! And Christmas was born!

Consider this: “The natural man receives not the things of the spirit of God.. because they are spiritually discerned (conceived).” (1 Cor. 2)

It is a supernatural experience to ‘conceive Christmas.’ It is not a thing of the natural mind. It is something that happens in the spirit realm. It is a ‘faith experience.’ Jesus said it this way in Matthew 5:5;

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see (conceive) God.” (conceive: to begin the creation of a birth)


  1. The disciples on the mount of transfiguration had a conception in their spirit. They were never the same again. They went out and “turned their world upside down.”
  2. Jacob had a spiritual conception two times: 1.When he promised to tithe all to God. 2. And when he wrestled with the angel all night. His life completely changed after that. The heart of his archenemy suddenly changed toward Jacob and he met him with a hug.
  3. Many saints of God today have had similar experiences. My self included, – on two separate occasions.


I have learned some things about conceiving God. I can’t get a conception with out being totally exposed. A ‘Pure heart’ will expose the warts, sores, scars, bitterness and any un-forgiveness. I cannot approach God with a negative mindset or attitude. A ‘pure heart’ cannot be judgmental toward others. Think about it. A ‘pure heart’ cannot have a two faced attitude. A ‘pure heart’ must come before him broken and humble in spirit. A ‘pure heart’ will willingly expose its ignorance and failures to God.

There is so much that I still don’t know. When I was age 40, that was 42 years ago, God spoke these words to me on one similar occasion; “Because you know you don’t know, you are open to learn. If you will listen to me, I will teach you.” I broke into tears and wept, and I promised God that I would obey if he would show me. Following that occasion, I started understanding and seeing scriptures that I had never known before. Even though I had read them all my life. My troubled financial life turned completely around. We haven’t had to borrow money since 1987.

We conceive it in our spirit, then it is manifested in the physical.

Mary accepted the word of the angel, “Be it unto me as you have spoken.” Then a few months later – ‘baby Jesus’,- our first Christmas!



My prayer is that you will conceive ‘of the Holy Ghost’ this special Christmas Season. We pray that all of your family which God, in His benevolence, has already bestowed on you, – will give you increase and blessings in abundance, so that others, as Elizabeth did Mary, will indeed observe you and “call you blessed!”



I received a note from the George Barna poll, that only 2/3rds of pastors today believe that scripture is the infallible word of God. There is indeed a “falling away” as predicted to happen in the last day. I have been doing a special message on the subject titled ‘HELL-NO.’ “If there is a literal HELL-NO I don’t want to go.” One minister told me that he wasn’t sure there really was a literal Hell. I have this message on CD for those who can help me this month with this following and overwhelming request.


I have received requests for 600 different names and addresses wanting to get a copy of the book SHOULD I SPEAK IN TONGUES to go to believers in the villages.

I also have a request for the Book titled HOW TO FUNCTION IN THIS ECONOMY ACCORDING TO HEAVENS ECONOMY to be sent to ministers in Africa. They want to teach from it as they move throughout the villages. It is indeed an open door of exceeding great opportunity, to expand this message of hope and deliverance from poverty to believers in Africa. The ‘revealed word of God’ works anywhere on any continent.

I have done the math on this and it is $15.500.00 including S&H. So far, I haven’t had to turn anybody down in this book-distributing ministry. This is an unusual amount of book requests. We usually send between 30 to 60 books per month. You can see the challenge to my faith as I approach this mountain. But God…!

Please pray for me as I stand and believe. “A door open and effectual is unto me” to use the words of Paul the apostle. It isn’t hard to see that I’ll need a miracle – financial infusion to climb this mountain.

I draw strength and hope from Hebrews 6:10 NIV

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them. And verse 11 “We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized.”



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DAVID, OF BIBLE FAME posed this following question;

“Why do the heathen ( people who disagree with God) rage, and the people imagine a vain (non productive ) thing?” (Ps. 2)

Before you read further,  * Please read each verse in this short chapter in the bible,- Psalms 2.


If you have stayed abreast of the recent news, you have seen the all-out effort of the God-rejecting, christian hating methods of the so-called “left/liberal” minded people, –  to demolish the soul of America. Verses 4 and 5 are especially noteworthy. It declares the attitude and intention of God, toward what God calls “wickedness.”  The last verse in that chapter is a warning about that mindset. “Kiss (embrace) the SON (prophetic insight of  Jesus) lest he be angry, and you perish…when His (God’s) wrath is kindled… ”  Clearly, God Almighty has a “boiling point.” Ironically, he draws His energy to take action,  – when His people pray. When we work with God. – He works with us to the believers advantage.. We fully expect to see the “gallows builders,” (wicked plotting Haman’s) hang on their own gallows. “He that digs a pit will fall in it.” “He that rolls a stone, it will be rolled upon him.” (Solomon)  They will not succeed in their efforts to destroy Christian America – because we pray to an active and living God!

Let them worship or not worship, whatever/whoever they choose. But no one should have the liberty to come to this God established and God blessed, Jesus honoring nation, that was established on Judaeo/Christian values, and actively seek to destroy our foundation and change it to another system.  SELAH!


****************************************************************                                                                 OUR DEBT-FREE LIVING TEACHINGS

I have been teaching the insights that God gave me, concerning His mandate to me in 1995. God said this to me after much in-depth searching and inquiry; “Because you know you don’t know, you are open to learn. If you pay attention I am going to teach you.” It was almost like reading a different bible following that statement from God. I saw things that I had just been overlooking. I began to see His hand in action toward us. Within 12 years we were out of debt. We haven’t had to borrow money for the last 31 years.

Just last week I received word from a pastor in Montgomery County, Texas, who had just paid off his church and Ministry debt, as of 2:00 Thursday, September 27th. I lost count at 16 pastors that have paid off their church debt early because of a plan that God gave me to help them. PTL!  The plan works from the middle to both ends, both for individuals and corporate debt. And both to the doner, and to the receiver.


There are now about a dozen full-length teachings available on our Podcasting. You can hear and see these for no charge and at your leisure, if you go to our website. God wants his people to be free to live the ‘Abundant Life,’ “now in this time,” that Jesus purchased at Calvary, and established for us. We (bible believers) are given the position and promise, to live ‘above and not beneath’, “first and not last”, the “head and not the tail,” the “lender and not the borrower.” It is NOT God’s plan for us to want what other people have, it is God’s plan that others should want what we have.  Keep this in mind –  ‘ The obstacles of life are not there to hinder you, but to make it possible for you to reach higher ground.’ A Salmon fish could never make it to higher ground if it were not for the ‘OH NO!’ waterfalls. We too, must swim against the current. We can’t obtain God’s dream by following the systems of the world that do not agree with His instructions/scriptures.  I know God will help you as you listen to these God enlightened teachings!!  NO CHARGE!! They are FREE to all comers.

The people in other countries who have computers available, also have the website ministry available to them. It is so rewarding to keep reaching out through the cyber-world and feed the good news of the gospel around the world, – at no charge!


Because of the many recent ‘left wing influences’ in the curriculum of many of our public schools, i.e; – LGBTQ and other anti-christian views (called sin’ by God) I can’t think of anything that would take priority over funding our private, bible based schools.

 Our ministry is now standing ‘wall to wall’ with Embassy Christian Academy in Kingwood, Texas. This school is owned and operated by our twin grand-daughters, Tiffany and Andrea. They are teaching the principles that we have taught and lived over the last four generations of preachers and bible teachers. They both graduated (at the top of their class) with their degrees in teaching. This school provides K thru 12 – with College Prep Dual Credit High School. The website is <www.Embassy Academy. Org) –  Phone # (281) 354- 7200. This school is in need of a van type vehicle. If any of our readers know of a possible donation of such a car, please call me at my personal cell # –  (713) 805 2289. I am actively working to purchase one through our partners donations. They are expecting another fifteen plus enrollees for this next year.

Please include this school in your prayers. The paypal button is available for any help you can offer. All contributions will be tax deductible through our organization, or through the school.  

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you are on face-book, – I do postings of  ‘thoughts to encourage’, to help channel your lives in a positive direction.

You can write to me via email – I will answer you with my prayerful thoughts concerning your issues. No charge for that!

Thank you again for loving us, and for being our partner if possible,

Gerald Davis





“…people from all languages will take firm hold…of his robe and say;  ‘Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.'”  (Zech. 8:23)

When the old prophet Zechariah made that statement to some children of God, it really gave me pause, and opened up a whole new level of meditation for me. 

What would make someone grab on to the shirt-tail of a person not of their own language, or ethnicity and want to have what they have, and want to have their God.  It’s because they connected their success with their God. This prophet was speaking the words of God to his listeners. Is that really God’s dream for His people?

God knows human nature. That’s why He loves to bless His people. Success draws attention! What we are, and do speaks so much more effectively than any words we say. The man Paul, writer of most of the New Testament letters teaching people about  why Christ died, and what we have because of it, told them this: “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Grab my shirt tail! He was convinced that his success as a believer was tightly connected to his success in gaining followers. People listen, – and then we watch. We’ve seen the results of Apostle Paul’s life and influence. When success is attached to godliness, – we see the greatest following. People want to be loved and blessed.


While we watch the current of major opposition that President Trump has and is functioning under, we continue to watch his influence increase. Not only here in America, but around the world. Is it his words that has brought this about; – I think not!    It is his record of success?

I hope my point is clear to my reader by now. If we have what God Almighty wants us to have, and if we become what He wants us to be, we will never have trouble being an influence to people who are watching us, and then we can lead them to a better life. I like to read after people who have “been there and done that.” We never have to praise our own accomplishments. Just be! – and others will want what we have.


There are two things that will define us.

1. Our patience when we are trying to climb up from the bottom;

2. Our attitude when we have reached to top!

If you have reached the top, there is no better way to spend the rest of your life than trying to help someone else get there too!


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A bible believer is often like a salmon fish, swimming upstream against the current. There are times when we face water falls in our effort to reach our dream or destination.

My reader may be facing a water fall right now. It could be a family situation, or a financial issue. Or it could be a health problem, or a breach in a marriage. Whatever it is, there is a God who knows about it. He is watching and He is cheering us on. When a bible believer is born again,  – he/she is born to WIN. We are given the ability through Jesus Christ to rise above the obstacles.  We are no longer as one who has no spiritual help or hope.

Think with me about that salmon fish. No other fish can do what he does.  That fish can’t get out and walk around that water fall, – they don’t have feet. They can’t fly over those falls, – they don’t have wings. They have to rely on the abilities that are given to them. They utilize the power that  God gave them, and facing the challenge they do what seems impossible. And indeed it would be impossible for any other fish.

A bible believer will draw on the words of God, and  put into motion what God has given him, and move toward the water fall with faith in his God -given and supernatural strength, the faith of Jesus Christ.  We just ‘kick it in gear’ and do it. If you are a believer, you have what it takes to get over the falls (obstacles). –  The spawning grounds are just ahead where you will see the multiplication and increase.

REMEMBER : If we let the devil do our arithmetic, he uses subtraction and division. If we let God do our arithmetic he uses ‘addition and multiplication. SELAH! Never let the enemy (devil) do your thinking for you.

ILLUSTRATION: The following is a letter received from a pastor in Wisconsin; –    “…received two messages (teaching tapes)  from Gerald Davis…after listening to them several times they made up their minds they were going believe God for debt-free living…go cash and believe God for supernatural help. He received a letter from the attorney generals office of Wisconsin. The mortgage company who carried the note on their home had been caught in some illegal activities. He called an attorney who looked at the letter, and said; ‘Do not send them any more payments. Put the payments in a special account at the bank.’ The attorney told him he would get their home cleared of all debt based on this information.” While that is a very dramatic and unusual story, it illustrates the magnitude of what can happen when we draw on the words of Almighty God.

God has many ways of helping us get over the obstacles!

SPECIAL NOTE: The attacks on believers in this nation and around the world serve only to make the church and believers grow. Satan is a loser from the beginning. We NEVER LOSE because we DON’T QUIT!

Good things happen for us – when we help others!


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