WHERE IS HELL…and does it really exist?

I’ve entered a list of verses from the bible below that my reader can go to if you choose.


  1. Is there a literal hell?  2. If so , where is it?  3. Do people really go there? 4. If so, why?

My following thoughts will be based on the assumption that the reader believes  the bible is the Word of God.  If not, this probably won’t be of interest you. Jesus (God come in the flesh) talked about hell more than any other personality in the bible. Both during his three years of ministry on earth, and then in His revelation to John on the Island of Patmos.


We know the earth is round. We understand the law of gravity. If hell is beneath us, as the scriptures say it is, then hell is below us regardless of where we stand on the surface of the earth.

Pointing down in America is pointing up toward China, and vice versa. If I could drill a hole from to America to China, and drop a one thousand pound ball into it, the ball would travel toward the center of the earth and continue to gain speed until it reached the center of the earth. Velocity would cause it to continue toward China after it reached the center of the earth. But from the center of the earth it would begin to climb instead of fall. It would slow its ascent until it reached the peak of its velocity. Then it would begin to fall back toward the center of the earth where it would finally lodge and stay. The core of the earth is the center of gravity. That is why it is called “the bottomless pit” in the book Revelation. There is no bottom to the core of the earth, because every direction from the center of the earth is up toward the surface.

If you could pore a million tons of water into the hole, it would do the same as the lead ball. It would center itself in the core of the earth. It is held there by gravity. This explains the “lake of fire” as referenced four times in the book of Revelations. When Jesus spoke of hell, he often referred to it as a place of  “fire and brimstone.”


People don’t go to hell in a flesh and blood body. That would be consumed in a moment. The soul of people go there at the departure from the body when the body dies. According to the scriptures they will take on a spirit and flesh body which will never die nor be consumed. But it will still have physical sensation.

EXAMPLE:  When Jesus rose from the dead he was not flesh and blood. He was flesh and spirit.  His blood had been drained on the cross. The life in his body was now ‘spirit’ and not blood. He could eat food, and the disciples could touch Him.

We will have a flesh and spirit body that will go somewhere and remain for all eternity. Hell is called “the second death”… but, -” where the soul never dies.” Thus the term “soul and body cast into hell … where there is weeping and grinding of teeth.”

People who choose not to believe in a literal hell, do so because they don’t want to believe it. But then, – who does want to believe it?


  1. Where does that lava, fire and brimstone come from that we are seeing from the volcanoes? 2. What causes those volcano and fissures to begin to convulse and belch out that fire and brimstone? Here is a statement from a prophet of God named Isaiah, in Chapter 5 verse 14; “…hell has enlarged herself…opened her mouth without measure…their multitude… shall descend into it.”


What about these volcanos that are erupting in Hawaii and Guatemala? Those emissions are coming from somewhere in the depths of the earth. It is called by the media, – “lava, fire and brimstone.” Could these be spigots that are releasing something from the bowels of the earth? There are a number of these volcanos around the surface of the earth. Is this how hell enlarges its self?  Do you believe your eyes when you watch this on the news? – SELAH!


  1. If there is no literal hell to avoid, then where is there cause for evangelism? 2.Why do evangelicals spend so much time and money and effort trying to save peoples souls?  3. What are they saving them from? 4. Why did Jesus die that wicked death on the cross if there is no hell to save people from?                                           What are the answers to these questions if there is no literal hell?

FINAL QUESTION:  How can a person know they won’t go to hell?   You have probably already heard this but here it is again;

Believe in your heart that Jesus is who He said He was. Go to Him with some words of acceptance.

IE; – “Jesus, I believe you love me. I believe you will save me from that place called “hell” and take me to heaven when I die. I believe you are alive today to hear my prayer. Please come into my heart and save my soul, and forgive me of every thing I have done to displease God. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour from this day forward. Help me to learn more about you  as I read your word. Thank you Lord for saving my soul! Amen

According to everything I have read in the scriptures, if you do this  you can trust God to take you to heaven when you die. No more reason to worry about going to that awful place called “hell.”

The following verses are listed for those who want to see these references about hell in the scriptures;

Mt. 5:22, 29 -10:28  – 18:19 – 23 ;23 – Mark 9:43 – 45 &47 -2 Peter 2:4 – Pr. 15:24 – Is. 14:29 – Ps. 16:10 – Acts 2:31 – Deuteronomy 32:22 – Ps. 9:17 and 139:8 – Revelation 19:20,10,14,15


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To The Friends Of Gerald Davis Ministries,

64th Anniversary…

I invite you to rejoice with Thelma and me as we share our 64th year of love as only God can create. It was on June 1st, 1954 that we joined our lives together as one, at an altar in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Our special chosen song was titled- SUBMISSION.

“Not where we wish to go, nor where we wish to stay. For who are we that we should choose our way? The Lord will choose for us, ‘tis better far we know, – so let him bid us go, or stay.”

As we look back over our 64 years of marriage, we can see that it is just how we lived and functioned. When I heard that voice down inside, I moved and obeyed. Thelma stood by me through thick and thin.

Oh yes, – I made some moves out of frustration or other pressures, before waiting to get a word from Him, – BIG mistakes! But God, through his mercy and never failing love for us, brought us back on track and redeemed our lives from destruction. Heaven would not be heaven if I couldn’t have my darling lifelong companion Thelma, to be there with me. I just don’t have the vocabulary to completely define my love for this wonderful gift from God 64 years ago. I must have found favor with God because He gave me this lady to be my wife, – “a good thing.” GD


On another note; – – I knew that the breath of God was ‘typed’ as the wind. Jesus explained; “ The wind blows where it chooses…. so also is the spirit.” But I saw something in Isaiah 30:33 that jumped off the page at me. It declares that “…the breath of the Lord (is) like a stream of brimstone…” Because of the volcanic activity that is so fierce in Hawaii right now, I couldn’t help considering this verse with some strong meditation. Could there be a message in this to the students of the Word? There are some today who are having a problem believing that there is a literal hell. The Bible (scriptures) never change. Hell is defined as a place of “fire and brimstone.”

That lava from those volcano’s is coming from somewhere in the depths of the earth. That is where hell is said to be in the scriptures, – “In the nether parts of the earth” and again it speaks of “hell beneath.” In beautiful Hawaii, there is nothing the people can do about those erupting fissures, – except to get out of the way! It will consume whatever is in its path, and will go wherever it chooses.

That describes the breath of God. It can come to bless (Acts chapter two) or it can come to ‘blow away the chaff.” (Psalms one). There is a lot of “chaff” (ungodliness) in this nation and in many elected or appointed officials. The “streams of brimstone” in Hawaii is symbolic to me. I believe in a ‘literal hell’ because I believe the bible, – and because of the signs of the times.  

We should keep our “lamps (spirits) all trimmed and burning.”

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  Is Jesus The Only Way to Get to Heaven…?

 Jesus is the only one who came to the earth and did these four supernatural things:

1. He spent three years teaching us, and demonstrating to us –  HOW TO DO IT.

2. Then He created (authored) a written will (New Testament.) It is a legal document between God and man. It has remained the number one best seller year to year, for the time it was first printed. They were written and recorded by men that he personally chose and anointed, including the Apostle Paul.

3.  He then died to put that will into motion and made it to become active. We know that a will (Testament) does not become active without the death of the one who created it. See Hebrews 9:16

4. And fourth, – after three days in His grave, He arose and came back to life, and ascended to the right of God, – TO SEE TO IT THAT THE NEW WILL, THE LAW OF LOVE, WAS CARRIED OUT RIGHT! 

Compare those facts to any other religion!

No other religion known to man can rise to that level.


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Forgiveness offered – Forgiveness received?



So much has been taught on forgiveness, –  and for obvious good reasons.

   QUESTION:  Can I pass forgiveness on to someone who won’t repent for what they did to hurt me?

 QUESTION: Does God forgive people who won’t repent?

   QUESTION:  Do people miss going to Heaven because they refuse to repent?

QUESTION:  If I forgive someone in my heart, and from my heart, does it benefit them also, or does it benefit only me?

QUESTION: What did Jesus mean when He said this to His disciples;  “Whosoever sins you remit shall be remitted (forgiven) and whosoever sins YOU RETAIN SHALL BE RETAINED.”

Especially meditate on this statement by Jesus in Luke 17:4; – “If they sin against you seven times in a day, and SEVEN TIMES IN A DAY COME BACK SAYING “I REPENT,” You must forgive them.”

QUESTION: How do these two statements above, made by Jesus, apply to my ability, and my power to forgive?

      It came into my mind while studying on an occasion, that there is something here that hasn’t been clarified. I have written this book (pictured below) to help satisfy these questions about repentance and forgiveness/unforgiveness.



                                                       “If they repent ….”

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I have learned over my 62 years of reading the bible, that there are two ways to approach God about my need or for obtaining His help. I can make a VOW, 0r I can approach Him in FAITH. A vow deals in ‘hope’. But you can’t make a ‘vow OF faith’, – or a ‘vow IN faith.’

I’ll explain the VOW approach: 

If I approach God with a request for help, and couple it with making Him a promise, it will sound similar to this;  EXAMPLE:  “Oh God, I believe you are out there somewhere, will you help me out of this mess I’m in?  I will always love you and I will follow your advice in the scriptures. I will do something for somebody, or I will stop doing this or that, or begin to do this or that, etcetera, etcetera….A’ vow’ will always ask God to move first, – with a following promise from us!

This method is called “making a vow” in the scriptures. It is a dealmaking approach, –  it is legal!  It was done several times by personalties in the bible and with desirable results.

This was done mostly in the First Testament under Moses law. Simply stated; – a vow is making a deal with God. We are asking Him to move first,- and then trust us to keep our promise. This is sometime referred to as a “foxhole prayer.” I.e; “…Oh God, if you will get me out of here alive, I promise I’ll do whatever you want me to do for the rest of my life.” There is no telling how many times this kind of prayer was used in ‘World War 11’. And no doubt, very often successful. The giant killer David, said these following words to God in Psalms; “…I will pay you my vows… which my mouth has spoken when I was in trouble.” It is an acceptable way to approach God.

However,- there is a downside to using this approach for help. It is our humanity! We make promises that we sometimes don’t keep -when once the heat is off.  We’re imperfect humans, and we can forget. It appears that God only forgets when we repent!  If God answers our petition for help based on the conditions we gave Him,- and then we don’t keepour end of the deal‘, it can compound our problems. 

[Read  Ecclesiastes 5: verses 1 and 2 in your bible.]  Those words are not very complimentary to a person who makes a vow and then doesn’t follow through on their part of the deal. The fallout can be pretty severe.

Because a vow is made on a deal of our choosing,-  if I then don’t then follow through on my  part after God has done His part, – the legals of  “law keeping”  kick in. We step back into the old covenant system when we make a vow. It was an “An eye for an eye and tooth for tooth system.” It works similar to probation. If I am given clemency based on an agreement, or a promise, and then don’t fulfill my agreement and keep my promise, – my troubles will compound!  Many people have created this kind of problem in their life because of this approach, and then don’t realize what is causing their continual dissapointments. They ponder questions like;” Why don’t things get better for me?” or, “Why is it that nothing I do seems to work for me?”

Before you set these thoughts aside, – I strongly recommend that you read the above mentioned verses in the bible. I would suppose there is a place for this “vow” approach even today, in an extreme emergency situation. But there is a better system in place now…,

Give this some meditation! If you know of an agreement you made with God, that is in your history, – Correct it and fulfill it if you can, if not ask God to forgive you for your failure, – and He will!  God is quick to forgive,- ‘when we acknowledge our failure,’ – and ask Him!.  Now observe the following- ‘FAITH approach.


If I go to God in  ‘grace through faith’ , I am then moving into the New Testament system, which was instituted when Jesus rose from the dead. I am no longer operating under the legal rules of  ‘law keeping.’

The ‘grace through faith approach‘ will  sound similar to this: “Oh Father God, author of grace and mercy, I am in a mess, and I really need your help. I love you, and I trust you, and I believe in you. I believe your promises are for me. Here is what I need help for; [such and such, and etcetera.] I am doing everything I know to do to be pleasing in your sight. If there is something I am not doing, or should be doing, please forgive me and let me know what I can do to correct it. I am leaning on your love for me and your stated promise to “listen when I call.Open my eyes and let me see what I need to know. I will be careful to do what you tell me to do. Thank you for your love and willingness to help me in this situation. I want to thank you in advance for helping me right now! I offer this prayer in Jesus Holy name.” This method is applying what Jesus has done for us. Then God sees us through the prism of Jesus’ perfection and applies it to us.  This is “grace” not law. This is clearly a New Testament way to pray!

Following that prayer, I will then do something to help someone else with their problem. Or I will give God an offering to something that I know God is interested in. I will be quick to make some kind of move as an act of faith and confidence in God. I will forgive someone for a transgression they did to me, or against me. This works by the law of “seedtime and harvest.” What I sow is what I reap. What I do toward others finds a way to come back to me.  We are then applying the ‘law of grace’ through the sacrifice that Jesus has made for us.  SELAH! (meditate this)

When we move in faith, we will always move first, i.e. [pay our tithe, give an offering, or do something to help somebody else with their problem, etc] – and then trust God to do His part. In this approach, we are not trying to earn it. We are relying on “grace through faith.” It is relying on what Jesus has already done.

God can always be trusted. “JESUS NEVER FAILS.”

God made the first move toward us when He gave us His son to redeem us. What we do in return is done in faith , – to embrace what He has done for us. Someone said it this way; “God is a good checker player; – when it is our turn to move, –  He waits. It pleases God when I trust Him and show faith in His integrity.

Summary:  A vow says; “God, you move first and then trust me to do my part. ” Faith says; “God, I will move first, –  then trust you to help me.

Which way does your heart tell you to pray?   Selah!  GD


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t53                           IS IT FEAR OR CAUTION?


President Franklin Roosevelt famously stated; “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

We are told in the book of Job, (from the bible) that Job said, “The thing I feared came upon me.” And then again He declared; “that which I was afraid is come to me.” If you are a bible reader you know the horrible things that happened to Job.

What is the difference between  fear and caution?

Consider this:  Fear and faith are both believers. One believes for bad and the other believes for good. If God is good and the devil is bad, then faith believes in what God will do, and fear believes in what the devil can do. Think about it!  In Psalms 23 the author said; I will fear no evil…” It is a choice we make.

One of them (God) loves us and the other one (devil) hates us. Which ever one we lend our believing to is the direction our life will go. Fear has torment! It will wake you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, worrying about tomorrow. It makes many people hit the bottle to assuage that awful feeling. Fear will make you panic, and panic will make you hurt yourself.

Faith is totally supported by love.God IS love”

I read this following statement in the bible; “There they were in great fear, where no fear was.” (Psalm 90) Fear is one of the greatest and most effective tools that man’s enemy, the devil, uses. It seems to release him to do his dirty work, just like faith appears to release God to do good and desirable things for us. Fear and faith are only opposites in this respect; –  one believes for good things and the other believes for bad things.

Faith has JOY, – fear has TORMENT.

What is Caution?  Fear and caution are not the same. I can be cautious without being in fear. But it requires some wisdom and honesty to determine the difference. The scriptures taught me to “be careful (fearful) for nothing.” I am cautious when I drive my car. I am cautious when I consider the words I use. If I use grievous words, I stir up anger. If I speak softly I can turn away wrath and settle dissagreements. “The power of life and death is in my tongue.” I use caution when I train my child, lest I build in him/her an angry spirit of rebellion, and have a future I didn’t want for myself or for my child.

I choose to operate in faith. – not fear. It is my choice! That is also your choice. Faith keeps me in ‘good standing’ with God. “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” By living my life in faith, I know that God does things for me that I am not even aware of.

I have chosen to never let a comment come out of my mouth that claims either FEAR or PRIDE.  They both have clearly declared negative and undesirable consequences.  If I can restrain my mouth from claiming fear and pride, -my  believing will begin to align with it.  If I live my life in fear, bad things can happen that would have otherwise been avoided. GD

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* A NEW START FOR 2018 *

sunrise -early risers


“This is what the God of Heaven says…he sent me to the nations who spoiled (did damage) to you (Israel),…he told me to tell them; ‘”he that touches (does damage) to you (Israel) touches the apple of my eye.” {Zech. 2:8} *Paraphrased*

“My eye” is a colloquial term sometime used to express disbelief in what someone told for the truth. It is derived, (as so many often used terms are today), – from the bible. God is clearly telling those who oppose Israel that they are ‘sticking their finger in His (God’s) eye.’

We have heard the expression “poking the bear.” Would you not think it would be worse to ‘poke your finger in God’s eye,’ especially if you did it deliberately in an attitude of rebellion.

I am an eternal optimist. I am only moved from a position of faith, – not by unbelief and doubt or fear. But I can never disallow that the negative does exist. If I deliberately do wrong, I will experience the corresponding consequences. Only a certain loser will climb out on a limb and saw it off back close to the trunk. Keep your ‘eye clear’ –  and don’t “poke God in the eye.” 

God has promised to bless those who would bless Israel. I never argue with the scriptures. I discovered many years ago that to agree with God is to secure a successful future. It has certainly worked for us.

I offer my most grateful thanks for the American people who rose up and prayed, and then voted to correct the devastating direction we were headed in, – in 2016. I thank God, as many of you are now doing,  for the corrections and changes we have seen in this past year through the leadership of our new head of states, our God fearing President, Donald Trump. He may not operate like a typical politician, but his history proves that he knows how to win. And-  he stands strong with Israel.

God Almighty “counts our faith as righteousness” (read the book of Romans)


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What is it about THAT BABY?


                         WHAT IS IT ABOUT THAT BABY?

For over two thousands years the world has celebrated the birth of one single little boy, – EVERY YEAR.

We know the stories of the shepherds and the wise men and the angels singing in the heavens above the shepherds fields, – and that manger in a cattle stable, in the little town of Bethlehem, in the nation of Israel.

No man can ever describe it all.

But what fascinates me among other stories that are well known; –  is that little boys origin. If He was born of a virgin, then he had no human blood. We know the blood of a new born child is passed on from the male to the female at the time of conception. Which explains why women take on the males last name in the marriage ceremony. If the bloodline is through the male, –  then Jesus didn’t have human blood.

Mary was said to be about 14 or 15 years of age when she conceived. According to the scriptures, an angel hovered over her and the seed was planted by a spoken word from the angel. Where did that baby’s blood come from?

The blood of that little boy Jesus, was a specially created blood at the time of His conception. The IMMACULATE conception! It was never contaminated with sin. This is why no other person could qualify to remit sin. He referred to himself as “the door.” He was God, who put himself in a human body, who could be offered as a sacrifice to redeem man from eternal separation from Himself,- because of unforgiven sin.

That explains why the blood of Jesus was shed as a holy sacrifice for the sins of the world. No other blood was an acceptable sacrifice  because all human blood was contaminated with sin. Nobody else has ever been born of a virgin, – and nobody else could walk on top of a stormy lake either.

The spirit that was  in Jesus was not a natural human spirit. It was a Holy Spirit. “The Holy Spirit.” He was (is) the “Son Of God.” Or “God in the flesh.” He was all three – in one body. It is for good reason called,- the “mystery of the Godhead.” THREE in ONE!

Jesus could therefore correctly declare; “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” Before He left the earth, He told his disciples, “It is necessary for you that I go away. If I don’t go away the comforter cannot come.

The comforter was the Spirit that was in Him. He returned fifty days after He departed (on the day of pentecost), and entered the believers that were in that upper room. His initial entry into them made them all appear to be drunk. But they had not drank any natural spirits. They spread the word and that wind of the Holy Ghost (Spirit) which passed on from them, now also dwells with us, and in us, – today!  The Holy Spirit of that baby now dwells in beleivers who walk by faith and not by sight. He came back in His Spirit on the 50th day of His departure. He will come back once more in spirit and flesh, – but not in flesh and blood. He gave his blood away, – to redeem us! That blood was absorbed into the earth as it ran down the foot of the cross he was nailed to.

What else could explain or perpetuate this annual celebration called Christmas,- for over 2000 years?  The story has survived and will never die,-  because it is TRUTH!

” Oh tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word. Tell me that story most precious, the sweetest that I’ve ever heard…”

I love to say it over and over again;

   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  * Selah!

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“Why do the leftist liberals (the democrat party, and some rino republicans) rage, and imagine  vain things?” (Psalms 2:1) (Paraphrase)

Read that entire chapter for a complete picture and description of what is going on in our nation right now.

It was a breath taking event when the last presidential election was determined and the ‘God rejecting Democratic party’ (2012 convention) was defeated. At eighty one years of age, I have never seen a more obvious intervention by the hand of supernatural power on a national scale. But – as the following year has  passed, it is clearly obvious that the battle is not over, – and not to my surprise!

The violent demonstrations and ‘fit throwing’, registering the opposition to the election results here in America, reminded me of a happening in the life of Jesus.

Example:  A boy was brought to Jesus by his father, who was possessed by demons. (Mark chapter nine KJV.) Jesus commanded the demons to come out. “You deaf and dumb spirit, I charge you, come out of him…and the spirit cried, and rent (threw a walleyed fit) him sore (severely), and came out of him…”

Why does Satan do that? Answer: Because he hates to lose when a greater power overpowers him. It is in his fallen nature to “tear” and do as much damage as he can,- for as long as he can. He will do that until a “greater power overpowers him.” Satan never volunteers to quit. 

We are seeing this action play out before our eyes here in the USA. The constant opposition to each move made by our president, fits the above story.  It is especially true in the moves that would restore Judaeo/ Christian values and principles. It appears that this constant opposition is done by the God -rejecting democratic party, and a few republican Rino’s,- commonly called the “left.” This goes far deeper than just personality issues with our president. This is a spiritual battle for the soul of America.

What makes a child (immature person) throw a “hissy fit” (southern lingo) when they don’t get their way? Some bold and firm discipline is the only way to correct that.

Enter: President Donald Trump.

Satan has lost in his effort to destroy the foundation that this nation was built on. We were never closer to going over the precipice of no return. The threat to destroy Christian America has  never been more clear or obvious in our nation.


I view America as ‘Israel out of Israel’. The USA is the Christian nation that Israel was not ready to be. God will never cease to keep His promise to the nation of Israel. I am convinced that God will also keep this nation of believers who have made Jesus,- LORD! We are also called Abrahams seed by our faith in, and acceptance of, –  Jesus Christ!

We stand with Israel as our brother nation. Because of the Hebrew nation’s rejection of Jesus as Messiah, the door was opened to the gentiles who accepted Jesus as Saviour. God established America as a gentile nation and brought us under the Abrahamic covenant. God calls believers in Jesus Christ His son, “Jews.” “You are no longer gentiles, but Jews.” and therefore. partakers of the Abrahamic covenant. The hatred of Jews is hatred of the God of Abraham.

Yes, I view these matters through spiritual lenses. Maybe you would call it “seeing beneath the surface.” God cleaved an opening in the “natural branch,”- (the Hebrew nation), who were the “children of promise. ” He then grafted the believing gentile (non Jew) into the natural branch, –  because of their acceptance of His son Jesus. These things that I have declared are clear in the scriptures if you are a bible reader.

Some of these ‘screamers and fit throwers’ refer to scriptures to support their hatred of jews and christians. Yes – to hate one,- is to hate the other! Satan has always used scriptures to confuse. He tried it on Jesus in the temptations in the wilderness. We pray for the ‘screamers and fit throwers’. We leave them in God’s hands to resolve.

We are thankful for this new opportunity under this new administration, to spread the “good word of the Lord” without fear of government retaliation. Although now, the state of California is seeking to outlaw the bible from being sold in their state.

We don’t try to force this “good news” on anybody. It is still an invitation to come and taste of the good things of a good God. We threaten no one. It is true that the scriptures will offend the people who do not want to align with God’s directives. Our God given objective as christians is to love one another and promote life and happiness. The anti-Christ objective is right the opposite. “None is so blind as him who will not see.”

But screaming and fit throwing will never change God or His word.

GOD IS A ‘GOOD GOD’ – but He is also a Father. He does chasten His disobedient children to help them learn how to function and stay out of trouble. “He is not willing that any should perish…”  Selah!  I never disagree with God’s principles or his promises, – even when I don’t yet understand it all.

     “Nobody’s arms are long enough to box with God”.

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Did The Democratic Party Exclude God?



Clearly this is a time in our nation when emotions, especially political emotions are running extremly high.

I cannot erase from my memory this following occasion;

Black Day in America...

While I was watching the Democratic Convention in 2012, a vote was taken  to either;

  1. Include God in their platform, or

     2. Disallow God from their platform.

The vote was considered and discussed. It was then brought to the floor and brought to an open verbal vote.

With thousands in the voting audience, the voices to exclude God from their platform was stronger than those who wanted to keep God in their platform. The vote was taken twice to be absolutely certain.  It carried both times, and the Democratic Party officially became “the party who rejected God” on national television.  All persons in that convention didn’t agree with that,- but the majority rules, and it became the democratic party’s official policy and position.


1. Do they believe there is ‘no God ‘?

2. Or do they believe there is a God, but just determine to ‘boldly and openly disagree with Him’ ?

The answer to one of those two questions is their official position. I wonder which?

According to our constitution and our preamble, we are still ONE NATION UNDER GOD! 

The activities of the democrat party at the time of this writing,  oppose every move of this new administration to correct this anti-God, anti-bible direction. Apparently  they were  serious about that vote in 2012. There would be some room for debate in their political position, if it were not for that ‘vote to remove God’ decision at their convention in 2012. Where is there an opening for an argument in their favor?

I can’t help but meditate on a thought that won’t seem to go away;- – Considering all the terrorism activities that have been, and are now happening in our nation, and all the crime increase in our streets, plus the many other negatives, including the increase of Christian persecution, etc….

– has the lid been taken off of HELL? 

 If you were the God of the bible, – what would you be thinking?

Regardless of the color of our skin or the language we speak, – we are all judged by the same God, and by the same weights and balances. He is a just God, but also a severe God who will judge us by our hearts, and according to HIS word. We will all be held to the same standards. If I call myself a christian, and if I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour….?


We have watched Republican politicians disappoint us.  Many of them have conceded to agree with matters that they were elected to correct and oppose. These Republican representatatives are commonly referred to as Rino’s (republican in name only). Consider the division that now exists  in this party! I don’t take the position of either party. I’m just a bible believing christian who agrees with God. I voted as closely as I could to maintain that lifestyle for my country.

 Question: Do you think America needs any help from above right now? 

Question:  How can we have God’s favor if we oppose Him??

Providence shows itself in surprising and unanticipated ways. We stand and believe and then watch for the “parting of the waters.” We prepare to move ahead. Our leader, (president)  must be supported by our continual daily prayers and by way we talk, and by the things we say.

We are without doubt in a major spiritual conflict. It is a war in the heavenlies. It is clearly the spirit of the Anti-Christ,- determined to erase Christian America, and the true and only God that we have always known and loved.

If you agree with me and the Apostle Paul, – – I have no confidence in the flesh.” I can’t even depend on me. I make mistakes!  So, where does that leave us? –  Hopeless! – OH NO! – I believe God!  There IS a God!

 I cannot imagine myself, or any God-fearing person, supporting any person or group of persons who openly, on national television, disallows God from their life or decision making. In doing so, I would connect myself (in the eyes of God) with that platform, and be subject therefore to whatever consequences they may experience from that. 

I trust God that after I have done my best to abide by His word,- He will do the rest. I don’t want to see God’s “handwriting on the wall” for this nation. Politics is a necessity – but only God is our HOPE, OUR REFUGE , AND OUR CONFIDENCE . 

 My closing thought:  *God never destroyed an enemy with a sword unless it was in some human hand.*


It’s time to – STAND UP!- STAND UP FOR JESUS –  and let your light shine, and “show forth the works of a living God” !

* SELAH! (think about it)  * GD


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