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When the angel appeared to Joseph and announced the news about his sweetheart Mary being pregnant, He explained; “…that which is ‘conceived’ in her is ‘of the Holy Ghost.’” We know Mary’s conception was by God and not by man. God almighty picked Mary, and approved her for this. Mary must have had a pure heart! And Christmas was born!

Consider this: “The natural man receives not the things of the spirit of God.. because they are spiritually discerned (conceived).” (1 Cor. 2)

It is a supernatural experience to ‘conceive Christmas.’ It is not a thing of the natural mind. It is something that happens in the spirit realm. It is a ‘faith experience.’ Jesus said it this way in Matthew 5:5;

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see (conceive) God.” (conceive: to begin the creation of a birth)


  1. The disciples on the mount of transfiguration had a conception in their spirit. They were never the same again. They went out and “turned their world upside down.”
  2. Jacob had a spiritual conception two times: 1.When he promised to tithe all to God. 2. And when he wrestled with the angel all night. His life completely changed after that. The heart of his archenemy suddenly changed toward Jacob and he met him with a hug.
  3. Many saints of God today have had similar experiences. My self included, – on two separate occasions.


I have learned some things about conceiving God. I can’t get a conception with out being totally exposed. A ‘Pure heart’ will expose the warts, sores, scars, bitterness and any un-forgiveness. I cannot approach God with a negative mindset or attitude. A ‘pure heart’ cannot be judgmental toward others. Think about it. A ‘pure heart’ cannot have a two faced attitude. A ‘pure heart’ must come before him broken and humble in spirit. A ‘pure heart’ will willingly expose its ignorance and failures to God.

There is so much that I still don’t know. When I was age 40, that was 42 years ago, God spoke these words to me on one similar occasion; “Because you know you don’t know, you are open to learn. If you will listen to me, I will teach you.” I broke into tears and wept, and I promised God that I would obey if he would show me. Following that occasion, I started understanding and seeing scriptures that I had never known before. Even though I had read them all my life. My troubled financial life turned completely around. We haven’t had to borrow money since 1987.

We conceive it in our spirit, then it is manifested in the physical.

Mary accepted the word of the angel, “Be it unto me as you have spoken.” Then a few months later – ‘baby Jesus’,- our first Christmas!



My prayer is that you will conceive ‘of the Holy Ghost’ this special Christmas Season. We pray that all of your family which God, in His benevolence, has already bestowed on you, – will give you increase and blessings in abundance, so that others, as Elizabeth did Mary, will indeed observe you and “call you blessed!”



I received a note from the George Barna poll, that only 2/3rds of pastors today believe that scripture is the infallible word of God. There is indeed a “falling away” as predicted to happen in the last day. I have been doing a special message on the subject titled ‘HELL-NO.’ “If there is a literal HELL-NO I don’t want to go.” One minister told me that he wasn’t sure there really was a literal Hell. I have this message on CD for those who can help me this month with this following and overwhelming request.


I have received requests for 600 different names and addresses wanting to get a copy of the book SHOULD I SPEAK IN TONGUES to go to believers in the villages.

I also have a request for the Book titled HOW TO FUNCTION IN THIS ECONOMY ACCORDING TO HEAVENS ECONOMY to be sent to ministers in Africa. They want to teach from it as they move throughout the villages. It is indeed an open door of exceeding great opportunity, to expand this message of hope and deliverance from poverty to believers in Africa. The ‘revealed word of God’ works anywhere on any continent.

I have done the math on this and it is $15.500.00 including S&H. So far, I haven’t had to turn anybody down in this book-distributing ministry. This is an unusual amount of book requests. We usually send between 30 to 60 books per month. You can see the challenge to my faith as I approach this mountain. But God…!

Please pray for me as I stand and believe. “A door open and effectual is unto me” to use the words of Paul the apostle. It isn’t hard to see that I’ll need a miracle – financial infusion to climb this mountain.

I draw strength and hope from Hebrews 6:10 NIV

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them. And verse 11 “We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized.”



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DAVID, OF BIBLE FAME posed the following question;

“Why do the heathen (anti God people) rage, and the people imagine a vain (losing lifestyle) thing?” (Ps. 2)

Before you read further,  * Please read each verse in this short chapter in the bible,- Psalms 2.


If you have stayed abreast of the recent news, you have seen the all-out effort of the hypocritical, bible hating, Christian hating methods of the so-called “left/liberal” minded people, to demolish the soul of America. Verses 4 and 5 are especially noteworthy. It declares the attitude and intention of God toward what God calls “wickedness.”  The last verse in that chapter is a warning to that mindset. “Kiss (embrace) the SON lest he be angry, and you perish…when His (God’s) wrath is kindled… ”Clearly, God Almighty has a “boiling point.” Ironically, He draws His energy to move when His people pray. When we work with God. – He works for us. We look for, and fully expect to see the “gallows builders,” hang on their own gallows. They will not succeed in their efforts to destroy Christian America! Let them worship/not worship, whatever/whoever they choose. But no one should have the liberty to come to this God established, God blessed, Jesus Christ honoring nation that was established on Judaeo/Christian values, and actively seek to destroy our foundation and change it to another system. * WE PRAY IN EARNEST!

*************************************************************************************                                                                  OUR DEBT-FREE LIVING TEACHINGS

I have been teaching the insights that God gave me, concerning His mandate to me in 1995. God said this to me after much in-depth searching and inquiry; “Because you know you don’t know, you are open to learn. If you pay attention I am going to teach you.” It was like reading a different bible following that statement from God. Because of the things that I saw, and needed to change. I began to see His hand in action toward us. Within 12 years we were out of debt. We haven’t had to borrow money for the last 31 years. Just last week I received word from a pastor in Montgomery County, Texas, who had just paid off his church and Ministry debt, as of 2:00 Thursday, September 27th. I lost count at 16 pastors that have paid off their church debt early because of a plan that God gave me to help them. PTL!  The plan works from the middle to both ends, both for individual and corporate debt.


There are now about a dozen full-length teachings available now on our Podcasting. You can hear/see these for no charge and at your leisure,-  if you go to our website God wants his people free to live the ‘Abundant Life’ “now in this time” that Jesus established for us. We (bible believers) are given the position and promise to live ‘above and not beneath’, “first and not last”, the “head and not the tail,” the “lender and not the borrower.” Keep this in mind, ‘The obstacles of life are not there to hinder you, but to make it possible for you to reach higher ground.’ A Salmon fish could never make it to higher ground if it were not for the ‘OH NO!’ waterfalls. We swim against the current. We can’t get there by following the systems of the world that do not agree with the scriptures. I know God will help you as you listen to these God enlightened teachings!! NO CHARGE!!


In the 39 years of our traveling and guest-speaking ministry, our partners ‘via mail-in’ ‘pay-pal’ or ‘bank transfer’ have been the ‘bread and butter’ of our ministry support. Some of you have been steady partners for 37 years. I don’t think you could know how much a part of our hearts you are.

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The overseas book-distributing ministry is still on -going and continuous each month. Your monies are well invested in helping us feed those dear hungry people these life-changing truths. As pastor John Osteen used to say; “we are reaching the un-reached and telling the un-told.” I don’t know of any other ministry that is teaching these liberating, debt-free living truths.  I do need and appreciate your liberal help. We also send them videos and CD’s. The people who have computers available, also have the website ministry available to them. It is so rewarding to be able to keep reaching out through the cyber-world and the US Mail.  (We also pay all mailing costs)   

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Gerald Davis








“…people from all languages will take firm hold…of his robe and say;  ‘Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.'” 

When the old prophet Zechariah made that statement to some children of God, it really gave me pause, and opened up a whole new level of meditation for me. 

What would make someone grab on to the shirt-tail of a person not of their own language, or ethnicity and want to have what they have, and want to have their God.  It’s because they connected their success with their God. This prophet was speaking the words of God to his listeners. Is that really God’s dream for His people?

God knows human nature. That’s why He loves to bless His people. Success draws attention! What we are, and do speaks so much more effectively than any words we say. The man Paul, writer of most of the New Testament letters teaching people about  why Christ died, and what we have because of it, told them this: “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Grab my shirt tail! He was convinced that his success as a believer was tightly connected to his success in gaining followers. People listen, – and then we watch. We’ve seen the results of Apostle Paul’s life and influence. When success is attached to godliness, – we see the greatest following. People want to be loved and blessed.


While we watch the current of major opposition that President Trump has and is functioning under, we continue to watch his influence increase. Not only here in America, but around the world. Is it his words that has brought this about; – I think not!    It is his record of success?

I hope my point is clear to my reader by now. If we have what God Almighty wants us to have, and if we become what He wants us to be, we will never have trouble being an influence to people who are watching us, and then we can lead them to a better life. I like to read after people who have “been there and done that.” We never have to praise our own accomplishments. Just be! – and others will want what we have.


There are two things that will define us.

1. Our patience when we are trying to climb up from the bottom;

2. Our attitude when we have reached to top!

If you have reached the top, there is no better way to spend the rest of your life than trying to help someone else get there too!


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Many people have heard me teach as I traveled from church to church for a period of about 35 years, on the insights that God gave me for ‘successful living’ “now in this time.” And the borrow-free, debt-free lifestyle that God dreamed for His people in Deuteronomy 15. Many of you purchased materials and have “believed the good report”.


We are like a salmon fish, swimming upstream against the current, and climbing  waterfalls to get to our destination.   Those fish can’t get out and walk around those falls, – they don’t have feet. They can’t fly over those falls, – they don’t have wings. We do like they do. They utilize what God gave them, and facing the challenge they do what seems impossible. We utilize what God has given us, (the faith of Jesus Christ) and we face the obstacles and hindrances, and kick it in gear. We have what it takes to get to the top… – and then are the spawning grounds where they (we) see the multiplication and increase.

REMEMBER : If we let the devil do our arithmetic, he uses subtraction and division. If we let God do our arithmetic he uses ‘addition and multiplication. SELAH!


                              SPECIAL LETTERS:

This was received from a pastor in Wisconsin – “…two messages (tapes) received from Gerald Davis…after listening to them several times they made up their minds they were going believe God for debt-free status…go cash and believe God for supernatural help. He received a letter from the attorney generals office of Wisconsin. The mortgage company who carried the note on their home had been caught in some illegal activities. He called an attorney who looked at the letter, and said; ‘Do not send them any more payments. Put the payments in a special account at the bank.’ The attorney told him he would get their home cleared of all debt based on this information.”

God has many ways of helping us get over the waterfalls!

Below are some people who have received our free books, CD’s etcetera in Nigeria…

JIWO WUJI Benin, Nigeria, wrote; “Thank you for what you sent regards to my request. I’m so grateful for that, – it’s beyond words. YOU are a blessing in our lives. Your materials have proven helpful to me. Keep up your great work.”

PRISCILLA EFUJE wrote from Benin City, Nigeria; “…valuable tools in our hands. I received the materials meant for me, which you sent. I am saying a little prayer that God will smile on you, and send you all the blessings you deserve from God’s Angels…”

EFE SABBI from Benin City, Nigeria; “I’m so glad for the information sent for me…I have printed out and shared with others….who are also interested…are delighted for this useful information too. I have learned some truth and understanding… I did visit your website…and will direct some of my friends to see it’s contents…” I would like to receive a book, …some friends said this a good book. Also, CD’s would be useful…Thank you! EFE

There is no greater blessing in this life than to know we have been an ‘extension of God’s hands’ to those who cannot afford to pay. “Freely we have received, freely we give.” We probably won’t reach everybody, but we can reach somebody, and they do pass it on, as mentioned in one of those letters.

The attacks on believers in this nation and around the world serve only to make the church and believers grow. Satan is a loser from the beginning. We NEVER LOSE because we DON’T QUIT!

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Good things happen for us – when we help others!


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Jesus said the woman who gave two cents, gave more than all the rich people gave… How so?  I discovered in my early life, that God doesn’t think like I think. To we educated mortals, 2+2 makes 4.

“…five loaves and two fish, – but what are they among so many? ]  

You may know the story in the writings of Luke. More than five thousand men, plus women and children, had followed Jesus out of a city and into a wilderness. They were so hungry to hear his words of hope and life. The impression we get is that only one lad had thought ahead and come prepared with some food to eat. His mama probably saw to that.

Copy me on this:  While talking to God yesterday morning, I was very pensive; “ Father, I don’t get to travel and teach/preach like I did for 63 years. I really miss it. It seems like I am so limited now on how to distribute the ministry that still stirs so deep inside me.”

I think we could feel that way at any age.

Then, while reading the scriptures following that set-to with God, – those words about the “five loaves and two fish” seemed to stand up off the page and talk to me. I hope they will speak to you as well.

Meditate this:

If I am prepared to be a blessing while following the Lord, I will see some amazing things happen with what I have to offer, even if it seems so small.

David said in the Psalms, Bring an offering, and come into his courts.”

God asked Moses this question; “What is that in your hand? ” Moses replied, “My shepherds rod.” God told him; ”cast it on the ground.” He did it, and it became a serpent. Then God said,” pick it up.” With great reluctance and lots of faith, Moses picked it up. That rod was forever transformed into a tool for miracles. If you are a bible student you probably know the rest of that spell binding story.

Jesus could have used anybody’s meal to work that miracle and feed five thousand men plus the women and children, – but only one out of more than five thousand came prepared with something in their hand….!  HELLO!  

God’s lesson to me is clear; – The teeming millions are searching for words of hope and life. What I have and what I can do, seems so small when compared to the need and the overwhelming task. But if I do what I can, and share what I have, and care enough, and trust God enough to give it to him – I will never be able to explain or even know the enormity of what it will accomplish. I will never know how many were fed and helped from my little bit.

Conclusion:  I, Gerald Davis, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, prepare the seed, ( i.e; books, CD’s and DVD’s etc) – then those who participate in sharing what they can, to distribute the seed,  (yes, –  even two cents)  will create the miracle of increase and supply, –  and will feed us well in the process! Everybody ate to their satisfaction and appetite, – including the lad who trusted Jesus with what he had when the opportunity came. They gathered up twelve baskets full that were left over!

Did you ever want to shout! A word from the Lord sure does boost our spirits and gives us a renewed joy. Jesus lifts us up where we belong and makes us to sour with the eagles.

I hope this helped you today, as it did me.

       Our little becomes much when we share it with God!


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WHERE IS HELL…and does it really exist?

I’ve entered a list of verses from the bible below that my reader can go to if you choose.


  1. Is there a literal hell?  2. If so , where is it?  3. Do people really go there? 4. If so, why?

My following thoughts will be based on the assumption that the reader believes  the bible is the Word of God.  If not, this probably won’t be of interest you. Jesus (God come in the flesh) talked about hell more than any other personality in the bible. Both during his three years of ministry on earth, and then in His revelation to John on the Island of Patmos.


We know the earth is round. We understand the law of gravity. If hell is beneath us, as the scriptures say it is, then hell is below us regardless of where we stand on the surface of the earth.

Pointing down in America is pointing up toward China, and vice versa. If I could drill a hole from to America to China, and drop a one thousand pound ball into it, the ball would travel toward the center of the earth and continue to gain speed until it reached the center of the earth. Velocity would cause it to continue toward China after it reached the center of the earth. But from the center of the earth it would begin to climb instead of fall. It would slow its ascent until it reached the peak of its velocity. Then it would begin to fall back toward the center of the earth where it would finally lodge and stay. The core of the earth is the center of gravity. That is why it is called “the bottomless pit” in the book Revelation. There is no bottom to the core of the earth, because every direction from the center of the earth is up toward the surface.

If you could pore a million tons of water into the hole, it would do the same as the lead ball. It would center itself in the core of the earth. It is held there by gravity. This explains the “lake of fire” as referenced four times in the book of Revelations. When Jesus spoke of hell, he often referred to it as a place of  “fire and brimstone.”


People don’t go to hell in a flesh and blood body. That would be consumed in a moment. The soul of people go there at the departure from the body when the body dies. According to the scriptures they will take on a spirit and flesh body which will never die nor be consumed. But it will still have physical sensation.

EXAMPLE:  When Jesus rose from the dead he was not flesh and blood. He was flesh and spirit.  His blood had been drained on the cross. The life in his body was now ‘spirit’ and not blood. He could eat food, and the disciples could touch Him.

We will have a flesh and spirit body that will go somewhere and remain for all eternity. Hell is called “the second death”… but, -” where the soul never dies.” Thus the term “soul and body cast into hell … where there is weeping and grinding of teeth.”

People who choose not to believe in a literal hell, do so because they don’t want to believe it. But then, – who does want to believe it?


  1. Where does that lava, fire and brimstone come from that we are seeing from the volcanoes? 2. What causes those volcano and fissures to begin to convulse and belch out that fire and brimstone? Here is a statement from a prophet of God named Isaiah, in Chapter 5 verse 14; “…hell has enlarged herself…opened her mouth without measure…their multitude… shall descend into it.”


What about these volcanos that are erupting in Hawaii and Guatemala? Those emissions are coming from somewhere in the depths of the earth. It is called by the media, – “lava, fire and brimstone.” Could these be spigots that are releasing something from the bowels of the earth? There are a number of these volcanos around the surface of the earth. Is this how hell enlarges its self?  Do you believe your eyes when you watch this on the news? – SELAH!


  1. If there is no literal hell to avoid, then where is there cause for evangelism? 2.Why do evangelicals spend so much time and money and effort trying to save peoples souls?  3. What are they saving them from? 4. Why did Jesus die that wicked death on the cross if there is no hell to save people from?                                           What are the answers to these questions if there is no literal hell?

FINAL QUESTION:  How can a person know they won’t go to hell?   You have probably already heard this but here it is again;

Believe in your heart that Jesus is who He said He was. Go to Him with some words of acceptance.

IE; – “Jesus, I believe you love me. I believe you will save me from that place called “hell” and take me to heaven when I die. I believe you are alive today to hear my prayer. Please come into my heart and save my soul, and forgive me of every thing I have done to displease God. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour from this day forward. Help me to learn more about you  as I read your word. Thank you Lord for saving my soul! Amen

According to everything I have read in the scriptures, if you do this  you can trust God to take you to heaven when you die. No more reason to worry about going to that awful place called “hell.”

The following verses are listed for those who want to see these references about hell in the scriptures;

Mt. 5:22, 29 -10:28  – 18:19 – 23 ;23 – Mark 9:43 – 45 &47 -2 Peter 2:4 – Pr. 15:24 – Is. 14:29 – Ps. 16:10 – Acts 2:31 – Deuteronomy 32:22 – Ps. 9:17 and 139:8 – Revelation 19:20,10,14,15


Further teachings on a variety of subjects are available on our website; <> Our TV station is there with a selection of free videos and some printed materials that are also free. You can browse our wide selection of DVD’s and CD’s including nine of our books to help you understand more of the bible. You can email us at <> for prayer or communication. Gerald Davis monitors this website personally.  


To The Friends Of Gerald Davis Ministries,

64th Anniversary…

I invite you to rejoice with Thelma and me as we share our 64th year of love as only God can create. It was on June 1st, 1954 that we joined our lives together as one, at an altar in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Our special chosen song was titled- SUBMISSION.

“Not where we wish to go, nor where we wish to stay. For who are we that we should choose our way? The Lord will choose for us, ‘tis better far we know, – so let him bid us go, or stay.”

As we look back over our 64 years of marriage, we can see that it is just how we lived and functioned. When I heard that voice down inside, I moved and obeyed. Thelma stood by me through thick and thin.

Oh yes, – I made some moves out of frustration or other pressures, before waiting to get a word from Him, – BIG mistakes! But God, through his mercy and never failing love for us, brought us back on track and redeemed our lives from destruction. Heaven would not be heaven if I couldn’t have my darling lifelong companion Thelma, to be there with me. I just don’t have the vocabulary to completely define my love for this wonderful gift from God 64 years ago. I must have found favor with God because He gave me this lady to be my wife, – “a good thing.” GD


On another note; – – I knew that the breath of God was ‘typed’ as the wind. Jesus explained; “ The wind blows where it chooses…. so also is the spirit.” But I saw something in Isaiah 30:33 that jumped off the page at me. It declares that “…the breath of the Lord (is) like a stream of brimstone…” Because of the volcanic activity that is so fierce in Hawaii right now, I couldn’t help considering this verse with some strong meditation. Could there be a message in this to the students of the Word? There are some today who are having a problem believing that there is a literal hell. The Bible (scriptures) never change. Hell is defined as a place of “fire and brimstone.”

That lava from those volcano’s is coming from somewhere in the depths of the earth. That is where hell is said to be in the scriptures, – “In the nether parts of the earth” and again it speaks of “hell beneath.” In beautiful Hawaii, there is nothing the people can do about those erupting fissures, – except to get out of the way! It will consume whatever is in its path, and will go wherever it chooses.

That describes the breath of God. It can come to bless (Acts chapter two) or it can come to ‘blow away the chaff.” (Psalms one). There is a lot of “chaff” (ungodliness) in this nation and in many elected or appointed officials. The “streams of brimstone” in Hawaii is symbolic to me. I believe in a ‘literal hell’ because I believe the bible, – and because of the signs of the times.  

We should keep our “lamps (spirits) all trimmed and burning.”

See our website for further information and learning <>

The November Vote…


There is a story about an army from the historical book of Ezekiel that I ponder when considering this coming November vote in our nation. This army had been severely depleted until it was referred to as a valley of “dry bones.” A man of God was sent to give them instructions on how to recover and how to win. When he first arrived there, it looked hopeless. God’s promise to him concerning that armies recovery left him dumbfounded and speechless.

My question to my reader is; Do you think we will recover from the spiritual decline that we have seen in our nation?

The above referenced army rose up to be an “exceeding great army.” That army would have had weapons of warfare according that day of weaponry. Weapons like swords and shields etcetera.

There is an army in our nation to day. I speak of an army of bible believing , God fearing people. Our weapons, as God fearing believers, are not physical or natural. The weapons we have today are the ballot box, prayer and boldness to speak when occasion serves us.

Stare the enemy down. We are not ashamed of this gospel, or of Jesus Christ our Lord.  May God resurrect the fearful and the worried out of the “dry bones” syndrome. We will use the tools of warfare available to us, – and God will give the victory. There is so much at stake for our nation.

I issue the call to God’s people to rise up, and run to the fight in November with faith and courage. The captain of our mighty army goes before us crying; “Be of good cheer for I have overcome…”

Let us stand and believe that the threatening cries of our defeat from the clearly defined enemies of God,  who have openly disallowed God from their platform, will be thoroughly disappointed.  SELAH!


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  Is Jesus The Only One…?

 Jesus is the only one who came to the earth and did these four things:

1. He spent three years teaching us, and demonstrating to us –  HOW TO DO IT.

2. Then He created (authored) a written will (New Testament.) It is a legal document between God and man.

3.  He then died to put that will into motion and make it to become active. There is no testament without the death of the testator. See Hebrews 9:16

4. And then, – after three days in His grave, He arose and came back to life, and ascended to the right of God to see to it that the new will was carried out right! 

Compare those facts to any other religion! No other religion known to man can rise to that level.


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Forgiveness offered – Forgiveness received?



So much has been taught on forgiveness, –  and for obvious good reasons.

   QUESTION:  Can I pass forgiveness on to someone who won’t repent for what they did to hurt me?

 QUESTION: Does God forgive people who won’t repent?

   QUESTION:  Do people miss going to Heaven because they refuse to repent?

QUESTION:  If I forgive someone in my heart, and from my heart, does it benefit them also, or does it benefit only me?

QUESTION: What did Jesus mean when He said this to His disciples;  “Whosoever sins you remit shall be remitted (forgiven) and whosoever sins YOU RETAIN SHALL BE RETAINED.”

Especially meditate on this statement by Jesus in Luke 17:4; – “If they sin against you seven times in a day, and SEVEN TIMES IN A DAY COME BACK SAYING “I REPENT,” You must forgive them.”

QUESTION: How do these two statements above, made by Jesus, apply to my ability, and my power to forgive?

      It came into my mind while studying on an occasion, that there is something here that hasn’t been clarified. I have written this book (pictured below) to help satisfy these questions about repentance and forgiveness/unforgiveness.



                                                       “If they repent ….”

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