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           SAVING U.S. of A. I love our homeland. If we don’t believe God is hearing and is answering our prayers concerning the redeeming of America, – then why pray?  Queen Mary once said of the founder of the Presbyterian church, John Knox, “I fear the prayers of John Knox more […]


             Does Satan Want To Help?      How is it that so many different doctrines (disagreeing positions) have developed from the same bible? The last I knew there were about 76 known different Christian denominations, all quoting from the same bible. I have noticed how satan (the unseen enemy of man) will use […]

To Walk , Run or Fly

 Should I Walk, Run or Fly?   Here are some thoughts to meditate: There are three areas of human need… They are:  Spiritual, physical and material. {111 John v.2}. There are three things  that Satan concentrates on doing, – Steal, (our money) Kill, (our bodies) and Destroy (our lives and our eternal soul in hell) […]

Designed Like A Cork

                  **STAYING ON TOP** While I was speaking on a given subject I heard the Lord’s voice down inside. He told me this; “Tell the people that I told you to tell them; It started unfolding as I spoke it, “Tell them I have designed them like a cork. […]

Stay out of God’s Way!

                 HOW DO I STAY OUT OF GOD’S WAY? I heard God’s voice in my spirit on one occasion while I was meditating on the scriptures. I was thinking about something that I was needing to happen , -and I knew I had to have God’s help! First […]

Does God Dream?

                                  GOD IS A DREAMER We all remember Martin Luther King’s renowned message  titled – I HAVE A DREAM. Picture God as He meditated before He created the planet we live on, and then His master design – His […]


            WHY THE CROWN OF THORNS? “If we always think like we have always thought, we will always do like we have always done. –  If we always do what we have always done, we will always have what we have always had”. –  Few things change until thinking changes. If […]

15 Most Commonly Asked Questions On Tithing

  Tithing has always been a debated subject with uncertainties to settle. This book deals with 15 most commonly asked questions I have encountered over my 62 years of ministry. Several ministries have ordered this book in large quantities and given them to their congregation. It is available to you from this website.  The late John […]


                                        BORN TO LOSE ? You may remember the words of the song from the past, BORN TO LOSE (sung by Ray Charles). But thank God we were born again through the person of Jesus Christ […]