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        WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A  LIBERAL ? “The liberal soul shall be made fat, and he that waters others shall be watered also himself” (Proverbs 11:25) The term ‘liberal’ is used today to describe a political ideology. It does not align with basic common sense or with the bible definition […]


             Does Satan Want To Help?      How is it that so many different doctrines (disagreeing positions) have developed from the same bible? The last I knew there were about 76 known different Christian denominations, all quoting from the same bible. I have noticed how satan (the unseen enemy of man) will use […]

To Walk , Run or Fly

 Should I Walk, Run or Fly?   Here are some thoughts to meditate: There are three areas of human need… They are:  Spiritual, physical and material. {111 John v.2}. There are three things  that Satan concentrates on doing, – Steal, (our money) Kill, (our bodies) and Destroy (our lives and our eternal soul in hell) […]

Designed Like A Cork

                  **STAYING ON TOP** While I was speaking on a given subject I heard the Lord’s voice down inside. He told me this; “Tell the people that I told you to tell them that I have designed them like a cork.” It started unfolding as I spoke it, “Tell […]

Stay out of God’s Way!

                 HOW DO I STAY OUT OF GOD’S WAY? I heard God’s voice in my spirit on one occasion while I was meditating on the scriptures. I was thinking about something that I was needing to happen , -and I knew I had to have God’s help! First […]

Does God Dream?

                                  GOD IS A DREAMER We all remember Martin Luther King’s renowned message  titled – I HAVE A DREAM. Picture God as He meditated before He created the planet we live on, and then His master design – His […]


            WHY THE CROWN OF THORNS? “If we always think like we have always thought, we will always do like we have always done. –  If we always do what we have always done, we will always have what we have always had”. –  Few things change until thinking changes. If […]

Forgiveness follows Repentance?

 Forgiveness only benefits the offended,- unless the perpetrator of the offense repents!        JESUS DIED FOR EVERYONE, – SO WHY IS IT NECESSARY TO REPENT OF OUR SINS TO BE FORGIVEN? So much has been taught on forgiveness, –  and for obvious good reasons.    QUESTION:  Can I pass forgiveness on to someone who […]