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  Is Jesus The Only One…?  Jesus is the only one who came to the earth and did these four things: 1. He spent three years teaching us, and demonstrating to us –  HOW TO DO IT. 2. Then He created (authored) a written will (New Testament.) It is a legal document between God and […]

Forgiveness offered – Forgiveness received?

       JESUS DIED FOR EVERY SIN AND EVERY SINNER, – SO WHY IS IT NECESSARY TO REPENT OF OUR SINS TO BE FORGIVEN? So much has been taught on forgiveness, –  and for obvious good reasons.    QUESTION:  Can I pass forgiveness on to someone who won’t repent for what they did to […]


        TWO WAYS TO APPROACH GOD   I have learned over my 62 years of reading the bible, that there are two ways to approach God about my need or for obtaining His help. I can make a VOW, 0r I can approach Him in FAITH. A vow requires hope, but you […]


                           IS IT FEAR OR CAUTION?   President Franklin Roosevelt famously stated; “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” We are told in the book of Job, (from the bible) that Job said, “The thing I feared came upon me.” And then again He […]

* A NEW START FOR 2018 *

IT’S A NEW DAY – AND A NEW YEAR – AND A NEW START! “This is what the God of Heaven says…he sent me to the nations who spoiled (did damage) to you (Israel),…he told me to tell them; ‘”he that touches (does damage) to you (Israel) touches the apple of my eye.” {Zech. 2:8} […]

What is it about THAT BABY?

          What is it about THAT BABY? For over two thousands years the world has celebrated the birth of one single little boy. We know the stories of the shepherds and the wise men and the angels singing in the heavens above the shepherds fields, – and that manger in a […]


WHAT MAKES SATAN SCREAM? “Why do the leftist liberals (the democrat party, and some rino republicans) rage, and imagine  vain things?” (Psalms 2:1) (Paraphrase) Read the entire chapter for a complete picture of what is going on in our nation right now. It was a breath taking event when the last presidential election was determined and […]

Did Democrats Eliminate God?

   DID DEMOCRATS  ELIMINATE GOD?   Clearly this is a time in our nation when emotions are running extremly high. I cannot erase from my memory this following occasion; Black Day in America… While I was watching the Democratic Convention in 2012, a vote was taken  to either include God in their platform, or disallow […]


        Why do bad things happen to good people? This question has been bantered around so much in the minds of curious, searching hearts. Only when I see things from God’s point of view does this clear up to me. According to Jesus and other scriptures – BAD THINGS DON’T HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE! […]

*We win – if we won’t quit!*

      … you rule in the midst of your enemies…” Ps.110:2 At one point I was ready to stop the world and get off, when that voice within said; “I won’t quit, – if you won’t.” The story is told of a general in World War 11 who told his paratroopers to meet him at […]