65th Wedding Anniversary


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            Gerald and Thelma Davis

        June 1, 1954

Every Love Story Is Beautiful- But Our Story Is Our  Favorite!

It nearly takes my breath away to know this is coming up on June 1st of this year.

I was sixteen when we met, in the most beautiful coastal town in America, – Corpus Christi, Texas.; – and the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Thelma was four months older. This girl, – and Jesus saved my life. I was not heading in the right direction. Once she kissed me, I knew I was cooked. We dated for one year, and married at age 18. I hadn’t finished high school; – I do have my earned doctors degree now from Gulf Coast Seminary in Florida. I got it from my intense study, mostly of the bible,- and also from the school of KNOCKS. There has never been a day in these 65 years that I have ever been sorry I said to this girl;  “I do.” Thankfully she says she feels the same toward me. Neither of us has ever defaulted on our vows to one another. Our initial love for one another has never changed.

We began our ministry as pastors of a church at the ancient age of 20, in Charter Oak, California. Both of our boys were born in Corpus Christi. We served as pastors in five different locations, totaling 19 plus years. We began a traveling ministry in late 1979. We have traveled all the way around the entire world together; preaching the gospel, healing the sick and casting out devils, for a period of roughly 45 years.

                             FAMILY BLESSING REPORT

We have been blessed! David noted;  “Children are a heritage from the Lord, …happy is the man that has his quiver full….” (Ps.127: 3 & 5) We’ve been blessed with eight grand children, and fourteen great grand’s, and one great-great granddaughter. Full quiver indeed!      

“With long life will I satisfy them, and show them my salvation.” (Ps.91). We measure everything by the scriptures.


          Our extended family

We have learned that a person’s greatest asset in life is family and friends. The friends that we have made over these 65 years hold some of the deepest memories in our hearts. There have been many acquaintances, but I think the stars in our crown will consist of those who rose to the level of  “more than a brother.” Some of our friends have partnered with us for over 40 years. It puts me in mind of the friendship of David and Jonathon. Quite a number of these are now waiting for us in Heaven. They are true proven friends and without doubt, gifts from God. We love our friends and pray for you often.

                  RECENT YEARS

Our hearts are still young, but our bodies – not so much. I do okay until I look in the mirror – Oh Lord! Thelma doesn’t get out much anymore. She gets around in her power chair most of the time. She likes to go out back and feed the birds. She enjoys having me around home taking care of her. Most of the ministry I do now is telephone, Internet, writing blogs, pastoral counseling and US mail.  I serve on some church boards, etcetera. I still do occasional pulpit ministry in some of the local churches within driving range. And I take good care of the most precious gift God ever gave to me, my indefinable wife; – Thelma! All of our years, “my heart has safely trusted in her.” (Proverbs 31:11) *G Davis

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    • Gerald Davis
      Gerald Davis says:

      Thank you Nancy, It is very special to hear from you. I have really missed being around your family. Your folks were always so sweet to us. Love and great memories, Gerald

  1. Deanna Johnson
    Deanna Johnson says:

    We are so proud of you and Thelma. You have always served God’s Children with wise counsel and a servant’s heart. We are honored to know you. Can’t wait until heaven when both Thelma and my Frank (well and us too! 😀), will be able to once again move around again like teenagers.

    Thank you for your friendship and love.
    Deanna and Frank Johnson

    • Gerald Davis
      Gerald Davis says:

      Thank you Deanna, I so well remember the days at Long Point that we had with your family. Your dad invited me to come and have coffee with him before he went to work on morning. He couldn’t believe it when I knocked on the door at 4:30 Am. Those were good days. Many good memories! Gerald Davis

  2. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I’m glad to know you for over fifty years.
    You two are still beautiful, inside and out.
    You have penned such a sweet love story of
    your life together. Love to you both.


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