To The Friends Of Gerald Davis Ministries,

64th Anniversary…

I invite you to rejoice with Thelma and me as we share our 64th year of love as only God can create. It was on June 1st, 1954 that we joined our lives together as one, at an altar in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Our special chosen song was titled- SUBMISSION.

“Not where we wish to go, nor where we wish to stay. For who are we that we should choose our way? The Lord will choose for us, ‘tis better far we know, – so let him bid us go, or stay.”

As we look back over our 64 years of marriage, we can see that it is just how we lived and functioned. When I heard that voice down inside, I moved and obeyed. Thelma stood by me through thick and thin.

Oh yes, – I made some moves out of frustration or other pressures, before waiting to get a word from Him, – BIG mistakes! But God, through his mercy and never failing love for us, brought us back on track and redeemed our lives from destruction. Heaven would not be heaven if I couldn’t have my darling lifelong companion Thelma, to be there with me. I just don’t have the vocabulary to completely define my love for this wonderful gift from God 64 years ago. I must have found favor with God because He gave me this lady to be my wife, – “a good thing.” GD


On another note; – – I knew that the breath of God was ‘typed’ as the wind. Jesus explained; “ The wind blows where it chooses…. so also is the spirit.” But I saw something in Isaiah 30:33 that jumped off the page at me. It declares that “…the breath of the Lord (is) like a stream of brimstone…” Because of the volcanic activity that is so fierce in Hawaii right now, I couldn’t help considering this verse with some strong meditation. Could there be a message in this to the students of the Word? There are some today who are having a problem believing that there is a literal hell. The Bible (scriptures) never change. Hell is defined as a place of “fire and brimstone.”

That lava from those volcano’s is coming from somewhere in the depths of the earth. That is where hell is said to be in the scriptures, – “In the nether parts of the earth” and again it speaks of “hell beneath.” In beautiful Hawaii, there is nothing the people can do about those erupting fissures, – except to get out of the way! It will consume whatever is in its path, and will go wherever it chooses.

That describes the breath of God. It can come to bless (Acts chapter two) or it can come to ‘blow away the chaff.” (Psalms one). There is a lot of “chaff” (ungodliness) in this nation and in many elected or appointed officials. The “streams of brimstone” in Hawaii is symbolic to me. I believe in a ‘literal hell’ because I believe the bible, – and because of the signs of the times.  

We should keep our “lamps (spirits) all trimmed and burning.”

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