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God said; “Return to me, and I will return to you…!”

“OLD PATHS – GOOD WAY” – (Jeremiah 6:16)

A somber word to my friends and partners;

“…the daylight is fading…the shadows of the evening grow long… (v.4), So arise…

God is warning His people; “This is what the Almighty says… Who will listen to me…the word of the Lord is offensive to them…”


A RECENT REPORT: Bibles are being pulled from the shelves of some of our libraries now!  Allowing that ‘the bible is no longer relevant to today’s world’ and ‘creates a hindrance to progressive living.’

                                                THE CHURCH TODAY

America is an Israel out of Israel. Our forefathers established this nation on Judeo/Christian values. The Abrahamic covenant is available to our nation as well as to Israel. Believers who are gentiles, have been graft in to the “natural branch.” We are no longer gentiles, but Jews. When we repent, – we as a nation, have the same promise as Israel was given in 11 Chron. 7:14.

‘Backsliding’ has always been a problem. The church today is showing these signs.  Jeremiah was given the mandate from God to warn and correct the direction of the people of his day. A message of obedience is strongly needed now. He warned the ministers, “prophets and priests alike.”

(v.13) “Stand at the crossroads and… ask for ‘the old paths’ where is the ‘good way’ and walk therein, and you shall find rest for your souls.” (v.16)

                                                   “THE OLD PATHS”

What is “the OLD PATHS…the GOOD WAY”? 

Much of the church today has softened their message on many things that God does not approve of. Because of the ‘popularity and public acceptance’ of ‘unscriptural lifestyles’, and because they are awkward and difficult to talk about, much of the church has relaxed and absorbed these changes. Pressure on the church to conform is steady. The level of attendance in todays churches has become the measure of success. The percentage per capita of some of the unscriptural sexual lifestyles is now so high that it could cause a noticeable departure of church attendance if declared. It is now viewed as ‘hate speech.’ The financial loss could also be heavy. But the loss of Godly approval has been far more costly. The Holy Spirit withdraws when we choose to depart from His chosen paths. The ‘Spirit and the Word’ always agree. When ‘soul rot’ sets in Satan gains ground. Look at our christian nation and it’s condition right now. Many of our churches are ‘sounding brass and tinkling symbol’ and have lost the luster and beauty of ‘Holy Ghost fire’.

                                                  “HARD TO RECEIVE”

Some truths are difficult and hard to receive. That has never changed. When Jesus declared some things “hard to receive… many turned away and followed him no more.” Instead of softening his message, He invited the remainder to also leave. We don’t always understand everything, but we do continue to believe. Jesus is our perfect example in life, as well as being the savior of our souls. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and that will never change. Each of us have to choose. As a pastor and minister of 65 years, I understand what it is like to have people become offended and leave. I have gone through some fires and spent some tumbling nights because of a deep resolve.

Since we can’t please everybody, I RECOMMEND WE SET OURSELVES TO PLEASE GOD. God assured his people there would be “stumbling blocks” (v.21) The tough-minded believer ‘girds himself’ and deals with it. We cannot win battles by agreeing with a hate driven and self pleasing enemy. We win by rejecting the temptations of evil. When the church gets slack the nation gets even worse. ‘Regaining ground’ is not as easy as ‘never losing it’!

If I ever disagree with, or dislike something that God said in His word, – I wonder who is wrong? God appealed to His people; “Gird yourself with sackcloth (humble yourself) … go into mourning (intercession) as for an only (lost) son.” (v.26). 

                                                       GOD SAVE AMERICA

Only God can save America now! Anger and hatred prevail in our cities and streets. High level elected officials; senators, congressmen, governors, mayors and city councilmen, including some police officials, – in fact our entire democrat party have openly rejected God on national television and have turned away from our written laws and foundational principles. “If the foundations be removed, what can the righteous do.” (Solomon)

                                                            A VOICE CRYING —

 I feel like a “voice crying in the wilderness;”  ”The ax is laid at the root of the tree.” “The shadows lengthen fast,” time is slipping away. I implore my pastor friends as did Paul to Timothy; “Preach the word,” reprove, rebuke, exhort with patience and love, even when it is not comfortable. If we are thrown in the fire, the ‘fourth man’ will be in there with us. I’d rather be on the inside with Him, looking out, – than to be on the outside looking in.

I call on my partners and friends to ‘heed the call’ to ‘stand tall’ and intercede before God on behalf of our nation. I see the mighty ‘AMERICAN CHRISTIAN BOAT’ now caught up in the swift current of public opinion, and if continued we are headed for the water falls. We must have God’s favor and miracle intervention. Now is no time to be passive or half-hearted. May God ‘break our hearts with passion’ and ‘see our tears’ and ‘heal our land’ and save this mighty ship. Pray with me for intercessors!

Take courage, – if God would have saved Sodom for only ten righteous, I know He will hear the cries of the multitude of believers in this nation, that are not willing to lay down and watch our beloved Christian America be lost.  God will save our children! 


Who will take a stand with me?

You our partners, are “the life blood” of our lives and ministry. You have helped me distribute many hundreds of books to Africa, India and Pakistan. I know I will watch you in Heaven as you receive the same reward as we do. I hope you believe this because the bible says so.   

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Your friend and partner for victorious living, * Gerald Davis

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