Jesus said the woman who gave two cents, gave more than all the rich people gave… How so?  I discovered in my early life, that God doesn’t think like I think. To we educated mortals, – 2+2 makes 4.

“…five loaves and two fish, – but what are they among so many? ]  

You may know the story in the writings of Luke. More than five thousand men, plus women and children, had followed Jesus out of a city and into a wilderness. They were so hungry to hear his words of hope and life. The impression we get is that only one lad had thought ahead and come prepared with some food to eat. His mama probably saw to that.

Copy me on this:  While talking to God one morning, I was very pensive; “ Father, I don’t get to travel and teach/preach like I did for 63 years. I really miss it. It seems like I am so limited now on how to distribute the ministry that still stirs so deep inside me.”

I think most believers could feel that way at any age.

Then, while reading the scriptures following that set-to with God, – those words about the “five loaves and two fish” seemed to stand up off the page and talk to me. I hope they will speak to you as well.

Meditate this:

IF I AM PREPARED to be a blessing while following the Lord, I will see some amazing things happen with what I have to offer, even if it seems so small.

David said in the PsalmsBring an offering, and come into his courts.”

God asked Moses this question; “What is that in your hand? ” Moses replied, “My shepherds rod.” God told him; ”cast it on the ground.” He did it, and it became a serpent. Then God said,” pick it up.” With great reluctance and lots of faith, Moses picked it up. That rod was forever transformed into a tool for miracles. If you are a bible student you probably know the rest of that spell binding story.

Jesus could have used anybody’s meal to work that miracle and feed five thousand men plus the women and children, – but ONLY ONE OUT OF MORE THAN FIVE THOUSAND came prepared with something in their hand….!  HELLO!?  

God’s lesson to me is clear; – The teeming millions are searching for words of hope and life. What I have and what I can do, seems so small when compared to the need and the overwhelming task. But if I do what I can, and share what I have, and care enough, and trust God enough to give it to him – I will never be able to explain or even know the enormity of what it will accomplish. I will never know how many were fed and helped from my little bit.

Conclusion:  I, Gerald Davis, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, prepare the seed, ( i.e; books, CD’s and DVD’s etc) – then those who participate in sharing what they can, to distribute the seed,  (yes, –  even two cents)  will create the miracle of increase and supply, –  and will feed us well in the process! Everybody ate to their satisfaction and appetite, – including the lad who trusted Jesus with what he had when the opportunity came. They gathered up twelve baskets full that were left over!

Did you ever want to shout! You will if this message comes through to you loud and clear. A word from the Lord sure does boost our spirits and gives us a renewed joy. Jesus lifts us up where we belong and makes us to sour with the eagles.

I hope this helped you today, as it did me.

Our little becomes much when we share it with others; -God!


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