I heard this statement many years back by Dr. C.M.Ward, national radio voice of a world wide christian organization; To quote: “ That which is born of the mind only reaches the mind. That which is born of the heart, – reaches the heart!”


What tears at my heart is the awful departure from the proven bible principles that have made our beloved U.S.A so admired and even envied by all other nations. Why else would they be storming our borders to come in?

 But we now have fools, who have openly disallowed God, in some leadership positions in America. You can’t ‘out argue’ a fool. When his mind is made up, he refuses to be ‘confused with the facts’.


Jesus taught the ‘capitalistic’ way of life when speaking to His disciples,- “… it has been given unto you to know the ‘mysteries of the kingdom of heaven’, but to them (non-covenant people) it has not been given.” He then told them the secret (mystery), “For whoever has, to him shall more be given, and he will have abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.” (Matthew 13: 11-12) 

Solomon, noted to be the wisest man ever until Jesus,- said: “The lazy man sleeps during planting season; therefore he has nothing when it’s harvest time. So, he borrows from the one who has, and pays interest.“ That is so clear! “Even a wayfaring man and a fool cannot err therein.” When considering God, a person has two choices in this life; i.e; – Choose to agree with God, – or rebel against Him.

JUDEO/CHRISTIAN VALUES– America was established on these values. If we forget where we came from, we will never be sure where we are going.

One of our senators who so strongly touts socialism, (opposite of capitalism), wants to be president of our nation. I read where he said; “Christians need not apply.” No room for Christians in his form of government. We might pass that off lightly, except that many in our nation are now going in that direction. But, “lift up your heads, cried Jesus, – for your redemption draws nigh.”

As in the book of Nehemiah, when rebuilding the wall, we too carry our working tools in one hand, and keep our swords (voting resolve) on our sides, ready to fight to preserve what God has given us in this the “land of the free and home of the brave.”

Voting day is one year away. I can see over the hill. God and his people, the “church triumphant,” are preserved by our determination to win,- and by His divine miracle power. We saw it happen in 2016, – we will see it again a year from now.”  “…until they know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He chooses.” (Dan. 4:25)

Wise Christians don’t vote personality, – they vote Godly principles.

The big question remains:   * WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE? *


                           A GUARANTEED CHRISTIAN AMERICA

It doesn’t take a genius to know that LOVE and MONEY makes the world go around.

As I observe the many pleas for monetary support from the political wanna’ bees, I am pensive about where we are putting our money. It seems to be the general consensus that whoever raises the most money is the most likely candidate to be in the ‘winners circle.’

I would never argue that it takes money to forward an agenda. I just need to determine where my heart (love) is focused, and then support that with some funds. We all have varying interests. My main focus is to promote an agenda that I KNOW God is interested in, (most productive ground). A number of our partners and friends are concentrating on this same purpose. Our concern, as we move on up in age, is to help fund Christian education. We are watching as our grand daughters, Tiffany and Andrea are continuing the education of children at EMBASSY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, located in Kingwood/Porter, Texas. They are continuing in the same principles of faith that they have learned from their father Jerry Davis, and yes me, their grand father,- for the continuation of “liberty and freedom for all.”

A DISEASE WAS RELEASED IN THIS CHRISTIAN NATION when the former administration introduced another religion. The clear intention was to eliminate the Judaeo/Christian pattern that we were established on by our founding forefathers. You have probably noticed, it is spreading very fast.


 I invite you to be a partner, and help us as we concentrate on this endeavor. I am asking our Christian friends to tell your friends and business acquaintances about this ministry . We can still give a tax deductable receipt for any help we receive. Your prayers and monetary help do not go un-noticed by our Heavenly Father. He is indeed “a present help in time of trouble.”

I pray daily for our partners according to 111 John 2 and Psalm 91. Your abiding friend and minister of this gospel for almost 65 years,

Pastor Gerald Davis

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