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 How is it that so many different doctrines (disagreeing positions) have developed from the same bible? The last I knew there were about 76 known different Christian denominations, all quoting from the same bible.

I have noticed how satan (the unseen enemy of man) will use the scriptures to confuse, and thereby restrict the many promises and benefits that God has arranged for his people in the scriptures?

God loves and desires to bless his human beings! He loves us all. Some in spite of us, and some because of us!

Special illustration: Satan sought to confuse Jesus with scriptures when Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days.

This is amazing;  Jesus refused to claim the God given promises that satan quoted to him in His hour of temptation! And he clearly knew that what satan had quoted were the words of God. You may know that satan can appear “as an angel of light.”

Why didn’t Jesus claim those promises from God? –  Think about it with me!

Jesus knew , if He claimed those promises, he would have had to violate some corresponding principles. And that would have cancelled those God-given promises; – ending in failure and death.  Jesus knew those principles, and He quoted those principles instead of claiming the promises which satan quoted to Him.  Jesus (who was the word in the flesh) knew that the promises which  satan quoted, would not work if he was in violation of the corresponding principles.( Let him that reads understand.)  I noticed that each time satan quoted scriptures to Jesus, – satan quoted promises. When Jesus countered, He quoted a principleall three times. My reader should study that portion of scripture in the life of Jesus if you are serious about understanding this very important bit of truth. Satan concentrated on promises, – Jesus concentrated on principles. I have learned in my 83 years of living in this troubled world, that God has no problem performing and keeping His promises- IF I will concentrate on keeping the principles. Our human nature is to embrace the promises. Obedience in keeping the principles is not that exciting, – but it is important to God.

The principles are God’s directives to us. “But God… man I don’t want to do that,”  – or;  “Why God,- but that’s what I want to do!” 

The promises are God’s ability and offer to help us. “Oh God, could you please get me out of this mess I’m in.”  We don’t just naturally want to do things God’s way. And therein lies our problem. Obey?- Ugh!

Nothing changes things,- like doing things according to the scriptures. ( keeping the principles.)

Satan uses the word of God to forward ‘his doctrine’ and take us into defeat. Satan will help you interpret the scriptures,- if you are“ ignorant of his devices.” If I let satan interpret (mis-apply) the scriptures for me, I will end up confused, bewildered and dissapointed.

Confused teachers who pass on ‘their understanding‘ help to promote the “doctrines of devils”, which then becomes “the doctrines of men.”  This is why so many people today are angry at God. They were disappointed when thought He should have intervened on their behalf, – when they were claiming some promises. God is certainly a merciful God. BUT -we can’t always benefit from God’s promises if we are ignorant of, or willfully disobedient, and in violation of the principles.

I’ll be more specific, – 

– we can’t lie, cheat, steal, abuse one another, always honor ourselves above others (selfish), and be dishonest in our dealings, and commit clearly sinful acts as defined in the scriptures, and then be angry at God when He doesn’t serve us with His supernatural power. 

God made this following statement in the bible; “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6)  I heard this following word of instruction from somewhere in my spirit;

“You don’t decide to believe my word because you understand it, you will begin to understand it after you first determine to believe it.”

Revelation (unusual insight) comes when I walk in faith,– not in doubt. Satan is behind any effort to make the scriptures conform to our understanding!  It has to be the other way. Our understanding must conform to what God says. I do believe He is smarter than we are. There are still things in the scriptures that I don’t understand in my natural mind, – but I understand far more now, than I did when I first determined to believe it!

“You shall not add to my word… neither shall you diminish ought from it” (Deut. 4:2)

Example: I don’t understand everything about hell, – but I believe there is one, and I believe the devil deserves it!  According to the scriptures, all who doubt God and deliberately set aside His words, and agree with the devil will end up there. Well, – think about it!

We can’t earn Heaven, – that is a GIFT OF GOD, BY GRACE, THROUGH FAITH! Most of what I have offered here has to do with getting on successfully in this time, now in this life! * GD


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