Designed Like A Cork…?



While I was speaking on a given subject I heard the Lord’s voice down inside. He told me this;

Tell the people that ‘I told you to tell them’ that I have designed them like a cork.

It started unfolding as I spoke it; “Tell them I have designed them like a cork. They have all the ingredients built  in them to stay on top of every situation, regardless of the storms they may go through. The only reason they go down beneath the surface into the dark murky waters of discouragement, doubt and defeat;

  1. Is either because of debris on top of them, {traditions of men}” Making the word of God of none effect through your traditions” (Mark 7 :13) – –
  2. “Or,- it is something that is attached to them that pulls them under.These are the sins that have not been laid aside or discontinued. Hebrews 12:1 “…let us lay aside every weight and the sins which do so easily beset (defeat and discourage) us...” He continued;

“Tell them, if they will cast aside the debris, and cease to do those things that I have labeled a sin in my word, they will rise to the surface like a cork, and come back into the sunshine of my joy and freedom.”

When Evelyn Roberts, pictured above, read this in a book I wrote titled THE IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING UP YOUR JOY LEVEL, she wrote a foreword to me in these words; “Rev. Davis…when I read this manuscript (on Joy) my spirit soared. …also the illustration about ‘ Christians designed like a cork,’ you push them under but they pop right back up. This is a ‘down home’ message that anyone can relate to.”

We believers were plunged (baptized) into victory in Jesus our Lord and redeemer. He won in every area of human failure, and gave that victory to believers. As an experienced believer and teacher of this message for 65 years, I can help you if you want some our materials and products. If I help myself,- God helps me. He works with us, – not in spite of us.

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