WHERE IS HELL…and does it really exist?

I’ve entered a list of verses from the bible below that my reader can go to if you choose.


  1. Is there a literal hell?  2. If so , where is it?  3. Do people really go there? 4. If so, why?

My following thoughts will be based on the assumption that the reader believes  the bible is the Word of God.  If not, this probably won’t be of interest you. Jesus (God come in the flesh) talked about hell more than any other personality in the bible. Both during his three years of ministry on earth, and then in His revelation to John on the Island of Patmos.


We know the earth is round. We understand the law of gravity. If hell is beneath us, as the scriptures say it is, then hell is below us regardless of where we stand on the surface of the earth.

Pointing down in America is pointing up toward China, and vice versa. If I could drill a hole from to America to China, and drop a one thousand pound ball into it, the ball would travel toward the center of the earth and continue to gain speed until it reached the center of the earth. Velocity would cause it to continue toward China after it reached the center of the earth. But from the center of the earth it would begin to climb instead of fall. It would slow its ascent until it reached the peak of its velocity. Then it would begin to fall back toward the center of the earth where it would finally lodge and stay. The core of the earth is the center of gravity. That is why it is called “the bottomless pit” in the book Revelation. There is no bottom to the core of the earth, because every direction from the center of the earth is up toward the surface.

If you could pore a million tons of water into the hole, it would do the same as the lead ball. It would center itself in the core of the earth. It is held there by gravity. This explains the “lake of fire” as referenced four times in the book of Revelations. When Jesus spoke of hell, he often referred to it as a place of  “fire and brimstone.”


People don’t go to hell in a flesh and blood body. That would be consumed in a moment. The soul of people go there at the departure from the body when the body dies. According to the scriptures they will take on a spirit and flesh body which will never die nor be consumed. But it will still have physical sensation.

EXAMPLE:  When Jesus rose from the dead he was not flesh and blood. He was flesh and spirit.  His blood had been drained on the cross. The life in his body was now ‘spirit’ and not blood. He could eat food, and the disciples could touch Him.

We will have a flesh and spirit body that will go somewhere and remain for all eternity. Hell is called “the second death”… but, -” where the soul never dies.” Thus the term “soul and body cast into hell … where there is weeping and grinding of teeth.”

People who choose not to believe in a literal hell, do so because they don’t want to believe it. But then, – who does want to believe it?


  1. Where does that lava, fire and brimstone come from that we are seeing from the volcanoes? 2. What causes those volcano and fissures to begin to convulse and belch out that fire and brimstone? Here is a statement from a prophet of God named Isaiah, in Chapter 5 verse 14; “…hell has enlarged herself…opened her mouth without measure…their multitude… shall descend into it.”


What about these volcanos that are erupting in Hawaii and Guatemala? Those emissions are coming from somewhere in the depths of the earth. It is called by the media, – “lava, fire and brimstone.” Could these be spigots that are releasing something from the bowels of the earth? There are a number of these volcanos around the surface of the earth. Is this how hell enlarges its self?  Do you believe your eyes when you watch this on the news? – SELAH!


  1. If there is no literal hell to avoid, then where is there cause for evangelism? 2.Why do evangelicals spend so much time and money and effort trying to save peoples souls?  3. What are they saving them from? 4. Why did Jesus die that wicked death on the cross if there is no hell to save people from?                                           What are the answers to these questions if there is no literal hell?

FINAL QUESTION:  How can a person know they won’t go to hell?   You have probably already heard this but here it is again;

Believe in your heart that Jesus is who He said He was. Go to Him with some words of acceptance.

IE; – “Jesus, I believe you love me. I believe you will save me from that place called “hell” and take me to heaven when I die. I believe you are alive today to hear my prayer. Please come into my heart and save my soul, and forgive me of every thing I have done to displease God. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour from this day forward. Help me to learn more about you  as I read your word. Thank you Lord for saving my soul! Amen

According to everything I have read in the scriptures, if you do this  you can trust God to take you to heaven when you die. No more reason to worry about going to that awful place called “hell.”

The following verses are listed for those who want to see these references about hell in the scriptures;

Mt. 5:22, 29 -10:28  – 18:19 – 23 ;23 – Mark 9:43 – 45 &47 -2 Peter 2:4 – Pr. 15:24 – Is. 14:29 – Ps. 16:10 – Acts 2:31 – Deuteronomy 32:22 – Ps. 9:17 and 139:8 – Revelation 19:20,10,14,15


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To The Friends Of Gerald Davis Ministries,

64th Anniversary…

I invite you to rejoice with Thelma and me as we share our 64th year of love as only God can create. It was on June 1st, 1954 that we joined our lives together as one, at an altar in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Our special chosen song was titled- SUBMISSION.

“Not where we wish to go, nor where we wish to stay. For who are we that we should choose our way? The Lord will choose for us, ‘tis better far we know, – so let him bid us go, or stay.”

As we look back over our 64 years of marriage, we can see that it is just how we lived and functioned. When I heard that voice down inside, I moved and obeyed. Thelma stood by me through thick and thin.

Oh yes, – I made some moves out of frustration or other pressures, before waiting to get a word from Him, – BIG mistakes! But God, through his mercy and never failing love for us, brought us back on track and redeemed our lives from destruction. Heaven would not be heaven if I couldn’t have my darling lifelong companion Thelma, to be there with me. I just don’t have the vocabulary to completely define my love for this wonderful gift from God 64 years ago. I must have found favor with God because He gave me this lady to be my wife, – “a good thing.” GD


On another note; – – I knew that the breath of God was ‘typed’ as the wind. Jesus explained; “ The wind blows where it chooses…. so also is the spirit.” But I saw something in Isaiah 30:33 that jumped off the page at me. It declares that “…the breath of the Lord (is) like a stream of brimstone…” Because of the volcanic activity that is so fierce in Hawaii right now, I couldn’t help considering this verse with some strong meditation. Could there be a message in this to the students of the Word? There are some today who are having a problem believing that there is a literal hell. The Bible (scriptures) never change. Hell is defined as a place of “fire and brimstone.”

That lava from those volcano’s is coming from somewhere in the depths of the earth. That is where hell is said to be in the scriptures, – “In the nether parts of the earth” and again it speaks of “hell beneath.” In beautiful Hawaii, there is nothing the people can do about those erupting fissures, – except to get out of the way! It will consume whatever is in its path, and will go wherever it chooses.

That describes the breath of God. It can come to bless (Acts chapter two) or it can come to ‘blow away the chaff.” (Psalms one). There is a lot of “chaff” (ungodliness) in this nation and in many elected or appointed officials. The “streams of brimstone” in Hawaii is symbolic to me. I believe in a ‘literal hell’ because I believe the bible, – and because of the signs of the times.  

We should keep our “lamps (spirits) all trimmed and burning.”

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