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“This is what the God of Heaven says…he sent me to the nations who spoiled (did damage) to you (Israel),…he told me to tell them; ‘”he that touches (does damage) to you (Israel) touches the apple of my eye.” {Zech. 2:8} *Paraphrased*

“My eye” is a colloquial term sometime used to express disbelief in what someone told for the truth. It is derived, (as so many often used terms are today), – from the bible. God is clearly telling those who oppose Israel that they are ‘sticking their finger in His (God’s) eye.’

We have heard the expression “poking the bear.” Would you not think it would be worse to ‘poke your finger in God’s eye,’ especially if you did it deliberately in an attitude of rebellion.

I am an eternal optimist. I am only moved from a position of faith, – not by unbelief and doubt or fear. But I can never disallow that the negative does exist. If I deliberately do wrong, I will experience the corresponding consequences. Only a certain loser will climb out on a limb and saw it off back close to the trunk. Keep your ‘eye clear’ –  and don’t “poke God in the eye.” 

God has promised to bless those who would bless Israel. I never argue with the scriptures. I discovered many years ago that to agree with God is to secure a successful future. It has certainly worked for us.

I offer my most grateful thanks for the American people who rose up and prayed, and then voted to correct the devastating direction we were headed in, – in 2016. I thank God, as many of you are now doing,  for the corrections and changes we have seen in this past year through the leadership of our new head of states, our God fearing President, Donald Trump. He may not operate like a typical politician, but his history proves that he knows how to win. And-  he stands strong with Israel.

God Almighty “counts our faith as righteousness” (read the book of Romans)


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What is it about THAT BABY?


                         WHAT IS IT ABOUT THAT BABY?

For over two thousands years the world has celebrated the birth of one single little boy, – EVERY YEAR.

We know the stories of the shepherds and the wise men and the angels singing in the heavens above the shepherds fields, – and that manger in a cattle stable, in the little town of Bethlehem, in the nation of Israel.

No man can ever describe it all.

But what fascinates me among other stories that are well known; –  is that little boys origin. If He was born of a virgin, then he had no human blood. We know the blood of a new born child is passed on from the male to the female at the time of conception. Which explains why women take on the males last name in the marriage ceremony. If the bloodline is through the male, –  then Jesus didn’t have human blood.

Mary was said to be about 14 or 15 years of age when she conceived. According to the scriptures, an angel hovered over her and the seed was planted by a spoken word from the angel. Where did that baby’s blood come from?

The blood of that little boy Jesus, was a specially created blood at the time of His conception. The IMMACULATE conception! It was never contaminated with sin. This is why no other person could qualify to remit sin. He referred to himself as “the door.” He was God, who put himself in a human body, who could be offered as a sacrifice to redeem man from eternal separation from Himself,- because of unforgiven sin.

That explains why the blood of Jesus was shed as a holy sacrifice for the sins of the world. No other blood was an acceptable sacrifice  because all human blood was contaminated with sin. Nobody else has ever been born of a virgin, – and nobody else could walk on top of a stormy lake either.

The spirit that was  in Jesus was not a natural human spirit. It was a Holy Spirit. “The Holy Spirit.” He was (is) the “Son Of God.” Or “God in the flesh.” He was all three – in one body. It is for good reason called,- the “mystery of the Godhead.” THREE in ONE!

Jesus could therefore correctly declare; “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” Before He left the earth, He told his disciples, “It is necessary for you that I go away. If I don’t go away the comforter cannot come.

The comforter was the Spirit that was in Him. He returned fifty days after He departed (on the day of pentecost), and entered the believers that were in that upper room. His initial entry into them made them all appear to be drunk. But they had not drank any natural spirits. They spread the word and that wind of the Holy Ghost (Spirit) which passed on from them, now also dwells with us, and in us, – today!  The Holy Spirit of that baby now dwells in beleivers who walk by faith and not by sight. He came back in His Spirit on the 50th day of His departure. He will come back once more in spirit and flesh, – but not in flesh and blood. He gave his blood away, – to redeem us! That blood was absorbed into the earth as it ran down the foot of the cross he was nailed to.

What else could explain or perpetuate this annual celebration called Christmas,- for over 2000 years?  The story has survived and will never die,-  because it is TRUTH!

” Oh tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word. Tell me that story most precious, the sweetest that I’ve ever heard…”

I love to say it over and over again;

   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  * Selah!

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