“Why do the leftist liberals (the democrat party, and some rino republicans) rage, and imagine  vain things?” (Psalms 2:1) (Paraphrase)

Read that entire chapter for a complete picture and description of what is going on in our nation right now.

It was a breath taking event when the last presidential election was determined and the ‘God rejecting Democratic party’ (2012 convention) was defeated. At eighty one years of age, I have never seen a more obvious intervention by the hand of supernatural power on a national scale. But – as the following year has  passed, it is clearly obvious that the battle is not over, – and not to my surprise!

The violent demonstrations and ‘fit throwing’, registering the opposition to the election results here in America, reminded me of a happening in the life of Jesus.

Example:  A boy was brought to Jesus by his father, who was possessed by demons. (Mark chapter nine KJV.) Jesus commanded the demons to come out. “You deaf and dumb spirit, I charge you, come out of him…and the spirit cried, and rent (threw a walleyed fit) him sore (severely), and came out of him…”

Why does Satan do that? Answer: Because he hates to lose when a greater power overpowers him. It is in his fallen nature to “tear” and do as much damage as he can,- for as long as he can. He will do that until a “greater power overpowers him.” Satan never volunteers to quit. 

We are seeing this action play out before our eyes here in the USA. The constant opposition to each move made by our president, fits the above story.  It is especially true in the moves that would restore Judaeo/ Christian values and principles. It appears that this constant opposition is done by the God -rejecting democratic party, and a few republican Rino’s,- commonly called the “left.” This goes far deeper than just personality issues with our president. This is a spiritual battle for the soul of America.

What makes a child (immature person) throw a “hissy fit” (southern lingo) when they don’t get their way? Some bold and firm discipline is the only way to correct that.

Enter: President Donald Trump.

Satan has lost in his effort to destroy the foundation that this nation was built on. We were never closer to going over the precipice of no return. The threat to destroy Christian America has  never been more clear or obvious in our nation.


I view America as ‘Israel out of Israel’. The USA is the Christian nation that Israel was not ready to be. God will never cease to keep His promise to the nation of Israel. I am convinced that God will also keep this nation of believers who have made Jesus,- LORD! We are also called Abrahams seed by our faith in, and acceptance of, –  Jesus Christ!

We stand with Israel as our brother nation. Because of the Hebrew nation’s rejection of Jesus as Messiah, the door was opened to the gentiles who accepted Jesus as Saviour. God established America as a gentile nation and brought us under the Abrahamic covenant. God calls believers in Jesus Christ His son, “Jews.” “You are no longer gentiles, but Jews.” and therefore. partakers of the Abrahamic covenant. The hatred of Jews is hatred of the God of Abraham.

Yes, I view these matters through spiritual lenses. Maybe you would call it “seeing beneath the surface.” God cleaved an opening in the “natural branch,”- (the Hebrew nation), who were the “children of promise. ” He then grafted the believing gentile (non Jew) into the natural branch, –  because of their acceptance of His son Jesus. These things that I have declared are clear in the scriptures if you are a bible reader.

Some of these ‘screamers and fit throwers’ refer to scriptures to support their hatred of jews and christians. Yes – to hate one,- is to hate the other! Satan has always used scriptures to confuse. He tried it on Jesus in the temptations in the wilderness. We pray for the ‘screamers and fit throwers’. We leave them in God’s hands to resolve.

We are thankful for this new opportunity under this new administration, to spread the “good word of the Lord” without fear of government retaliation. Although now, the state of California is seeking to outlaw the bible from being sold in their state.

We don’t try to force this “good news” on anybody. It is still an invitation to come and taste of the good things of a good God. We threaten no one. It is true that the scriptures will offend the people who do not want to align with God’s directives. Our God given objective as christians is to love one another and promote life and happiness. The anti-Christ objective is right the opposite. “None is so blind as him who will not see.”

But screaming and fit throwing will never change God or His word.

GOD IS A ‘GOOD GOD’ – but He is also a Father. He does chasten His disobedient children to help them learn how to function and stay out of trouble. “He is not willing that any should perish…”  Selah!  I never disagree with God’s principles or his promises, – even when I don’t yet understand it all.

     “Nobody’s arms are long enough to box with God”.

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