“The liberal soul shall be made fat, and he that waters others shall be watered also himself” (Proverbs 11:25)

The term ‘liberal’ is used today to describe a political ideology. It does not align with basic common sense or with the bible definition of that word.

The true meaning of the word “liberal” can be defined like this:

1. One inclined to overdo when there is a need. i.e; “You want me to go a mile, sure,- I’ll go two miles with you.” (The non-liberal soul thinks, “How about if I walk you to the corner.”)

Or,- “Do you need my coat, here take my overcoat also, I can buy another one, you might need it.” The non-liberal soul thinks, “My coat-  what am I going to do for a coat?  I don’t think so, – sorry!  Go find your own coat. I paid a lot for this coat!

Or,– “Great, an opportunity (not an obligation) to be a blessing, and give something  to someone less fortunate than I.”

The liberal soul anticipates tithe and offering time in church. The non-liberal soul recoils and thinks in terms of minimums. If a non-liberal soul does tithe, he will figure it to the penny. The liberal soul will round it off to the next highest number. The liberal soul shall be made fat.” Selah!

2. One who is delighted at the good fortune of another, – without resentment!  (“…rejoices with them that rejoice, and weeps with them that weep.“) “Wow, – I’m so glad you got that new beautiful car.”  The non-liberal soul kicks the dirt and thinks, “Why can’t I get a new car.” –


NOTE: Doing a liberal deed does not make a person a liberal soul.  The term, “liberal soul,”describes the TYPE of person we are. It is a mindset that some people operate in. It is totally unselfish. It considers others before themselves. It operates in the faith realm.  The liberal soul believes that he/she will be taken care of – if  I do unto others as I would have them do to me. A person who has a good traction in faith will not have that much of a problem living in that mindset.

3And of course, work!  “Fat” is never promised by God to anyone who will not work. Fat is excess;- It is some you could lose, – and not be hurt by it. The above verse is God’s promise to anyone who will work, – and become a “liberal soul”. It is a decision we all have to make. “To be- or not to be?”

Question:  “But what about the turkeys out there who would take advantage of a person like that?” Yes, they are out there. But they will never know the fatness of the liberal soul. The liberal soul will never let that be their problem!

My readers will not walk in todays ideology of what a liberal soul is. According to the scriptures, that is a very misguided mindset, – and a misuse of the word “liberal.”      

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